Monday, 20 May 2013

NOTD: Different Dimensions "Sparkles Like Edward"

Right, first off -i really didn't like the whole "Twilight" saga -books or films, so i didn't buy this polish because of that!
i bought the polish because the swatches looked yummy -and in fact, in the flesh its even MORE prettier and I'm super glad i got it and didn't let my dislike of Twilight stop me from buying it!!

Looking at the bottle, it looks like a white base, right? WRONG!  I thought that too -but in fact when applied to nails, it has this amazingly gorgeous pink tint that shimmers in the light under the pieces of glitter!
Its beautiful! No other word for it! I have now got a love of Different Dimensions and having seen their polishes in the store...oh do i wish i was rich!!

The polish was almost a jelly like consistency -definitely not a smooth polish, but that's not a bad thing. It was a medium consistency and went on like a dream.  I used medium coats, and what i loved most was it didn't dry super quick, so i was able to make sure i had full coverage on each nail without it dragging the polish already applied.

the first coat was quite sheer, and the pink shimmer didn't reveal itself until the second coat, and it was a pleasant surprise!  Again, though, two coats weren't enough to make it opaque, but after three coats, it was perfect.
Each brush stroke and each coat added more of the tiny sparkly glitters on top of the lush pink shimmer and my nails look evenly coated -no one nail has majorly more glitter than another.  It didn't take to digging around in the bottle to get the glitter either -each time the brush came out, it sparkled with a great amount of glitter!

The picture shows how i mean about the coverage -the first coat, just looks like I've plonked glitter on my nails and its not until the third that you can see it does have a base to it.  I also noticed that you cant really see the pink shimmer.
I took a couple of extra pictures and I'm hoping that this one just about shows it:

I think you can just about see the pink shimmer on my ring finger -to be honest getting it to show up was a pleasant fluke! It must have just caught the light just at the right moment!

I have mixed feelings about pale based polishes. But this one ticks all my goodie boxes and I'm really pleased i got it!
If you think its a lovely polish and must have it in your stash, you're in luck - they are still for sale at Different Dimensions Etsy Store -just click the picture of the bottle at the top and it will take you right there!

Do you need to even ask if its staying in my stash??


  1. Ooo, thats quite pretty, that would look lovely over a bright turquoise shade :)

    Kerys -xo
    Little Bo Blab

    1. Good call! I might try that one! Thanks for popping and commenting!

  2. I love your blog - it always tell me exactly what I want to know about a polish: its consistency, how easy it is to apply and like you I prefer glitter polishes that take a while to dry so you can arrange them so this is definitely going on my wish list which is getting longer and longer by the second!


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