Friday, 10 May 2013

**NEW** Nevermore Press is launched! FREE KINDLE BOOKS!

Nevermore Press is an all-inclusive full service Publisher that incorporates all things Public Relations and Professionalism. Our team is there for our authors. Everything is handled in house by authors for authors. Nevermore Press handles all genre’s and will only give our readers the best of every genre available. 

Nevermore Press started as a PR company, we love helping other authors and taking the stress out of the promotion headache of publishing. It was only natural to take our love of publishing, and promoting to the next level. This is when Nevermore Press was born. We have hit the ground running and are currently accepting submissions. 

Visit to meet our team and see what we have in store for our readers!

There is a Facebook page to celebrate this, here:

In celebration of this launch, Nevermore have these books, three of them are FREE to download until Monday 13th May 2013 -So get them while you can!!!!

Anastasia (The Dregg Chronicles #1) By Dawn White :

Anastasia's Surrender (The Dregg Chronicles #2) By Dawn White:

Delivery Disaster Delight By Brandy Michelle :

Unexpected Moments (The Unexpected Saga #1) By Brandy Michelle:    

Daddy by Bryan W. Dull :

Sewer Drains & Lighthouses (Vol. 1) By Bryan W. Dull :

Solstice (The Solstice Chronicles #1) By Bryan W. Dull:

Equinox (The Solstice Chronicles #2 )By Bryan W. Dull:

Wingless And Damned (The Damned Series #1)By Dawn White :

Wingless And Forsaken (The Damned Series #2)By Dawn White :

Wingless and Cursed (The Wingless Series #1) By DawnWhite : 

Wingless And Forgotten (The Wingless Series#2) By Dawn White :


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