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Latest In Beauty Box: CEW(UK) 2013 Beauty Awards Finalists’ Discovery Box

Ok, so another Beauty Box....
This one is different to the Glossy's, Birch box's of the world.  You KNOW what you're going to receive in this one, so you know what to expect and the level of disappointment isn't as high as with the others!

This box is still available to buy HERE for £9.95 plus £3.95 postage, which for what you get in the box, i think is pretty good value!

Ill start with the lowest and work my way up!
There was a super helpful Booklet, telling you what item won what award, and what item was in your box with a short description.

 First, the mens aftershave samples.  As being a happy singleton, these mean pretty much nothing to me, and more than likely may be packed in my holiday bag as something to give to the House keepers in the complex as a little gift!

 Next up, was the women's perfume - a 1ml sample of Elie Saab. Very pretty fragrance, but the sample is far too small -at a guess maybe 5 sprays, but good to try it out if you haven't before.

Next up, is a Balance Me "Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream" (10ml).  I think i speak for a lot of folks when  say "enough with the Balance Me!!" as they have appeared that often in beauty boxes, its novelty has worn off! But i guess as this is a Beauty Award box, this was a finalist for Best British Brand, so i suppose it had to be in there!  (I think my mum would like this one though!!)

Out of the box next was Weleda's Sea Buckthorn Body lotion (20ml).  Again, a frequent visitor in boxes, but i haven't had this one before and it actually smells lovely and is a pretty good size! This was in the box as it was a finalist in the "Best New Certified Organic Skincare Product" category (deep breath!).

 Melvita Rose Floral Water (28ml)up next! Wow, the scent is strong! I'm not a massive fan of rose or lavender flavoured things, so not sure about this one! I guess it would be a handy little spray to have in your bag when you get hot or clammy!

A pretty nice colour Lip Liner from Essential Care came out the box next.  This is in colour shade no 3 and is called "pink Rose". Its quite a nice colour actually, but i don't use liners! Maybe i can somehow incorporate it into lipstick in someway!

Fab! A nail polish! OK, so its only a mini, but still - it makes my nail addiction side smile! This is a Nails Inc mini and the colour i got was "Portobello" - a bright pinky colour!  Ive never been a HUGE fan of bright or neon colours, but i think I'm gonna give this one a go! it looks a really nice Summery colour!

The next product in the box was a full sized bottle of Dr Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Hair treatment Serum (100ml).  Interesting.  Ive never tried this before -or Argan Oil for that matter. m a massive fan of shine sprays and anti frizz sprays, but was always hesitant to try Argan Oil as my hair (unfortunately for me) can get greasy at the roots easily, and it worried me, but people have said to just use it on the ends...Good advice -this is the perfect product to try that with!

The last but in no way least,  was probably the item that made everyone want this box. A 15ml tube of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.  I don't really think anything else needs to be said! Elemis are a renowned and respected name and products, and this alone made the box worthwhile! (But, ill be honest! - Yes this is what made me buy it, but i was buying it for my mum!....who let slip to me later that she caved and bought one too, so she has 2 now!!!!)

For just under a tenner, plus postage i think a pretty good value box!

LIB (Latest In Beauty) does stand apart from most of the other mainstream boxes -purely for the reason, they TELL you what you're going to get in the box you're buying.  So you can see if you're gonna like the box or not, and don't have the frustrated disappointment that comes with the "surprise" ones.

Would i recommend this box? If you think you'll use at least 2 of the items, then absolutely definitely worth it while you still can! Otherwise, id say maybe not.

For me, I'm happy with this box! I don't often say that about mainstream boxes, but i do give credit where its due, and LIB did good this time! Thank you!

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  1. Hmm I don't know whether I want this box to not xx


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