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Guest Post NOTD: Water marbling

Girls I'm delighted to have Vicky here to do a guest post on NOTD. Vicky can be found Stars & Scars

As I've explained in another blog post, I've had a bad nail week, so couldn't do one, and nails are big part of my blog, so Vicki kindly agreed to do a special NOTD, just for us!
Don't know about you guys, but after you've seen this, you'll want to give it a go -i know i do!!
Ill leave it to Vicky now!

This is my first ever blog post, so be kind!

It's also another first – my first water marble!

I've wanted to try the technique for a while, and when Claire asked me to do a guest post for her blog, I thought that now would be the perfect time.
I chose a blue theme for my designs, and used 5 polishes.

First I did a base coat of Models Own – Blueberry Muffin from the lovely Fruit Pastels collection. It really does smell of blueberries, amazing! (Didn't use an actual base coat, I was too impatient to get started!) It applied rather thin and patchy, but two coats sorted that out. I wasn't too fussed about making it perfect as I was going to be covering it up!

The colours I used for the water marble pattern were –

Sally Hansen – Timeless White
Nails Inc – Instyle Bluebell
Nails Inc – Diet Coke Denim
Nails Inc – Cumberland Street

I took a disposable cup, filled it with lukewarm water, and opened all the polish bottles. I took one colour at a time, and with a big blob on the brush, let it drip into the water. 

The colour spread out across the water. 

I continued with all of the colours in a 'bullseye' pattern, then took a kebab stick and swirled all the colours together. I did this quite randomly, although I have seen people make amazing intricate patterns with a bit of patience! 

When I was happy with the pattern, I dunked my finger through the polish into the water. I gathered up the spare polish on top of the water with another kebab stick, then pulled my finger out. There you have it, water marbled nails!

I'm so impressed with how these turned out! I thought my first try would be a total shambles but I'm very proud of them. 

Apparently some colours don't work so well for water marbling, for my white colour I started off using Nails Inc – Floral Street but it just wouldn't spread on the water. I think it's just trial and error whether they will work, I was lucky that the colours I chose spread really well and I could create some crazy swirls with them.

I did get some bubbles on my nails from the water, not too fussed about these though, they just add to the randomness of the designs, although I will try harder in the future to reduce these.

I really want to try this technique again and maybe try some glitter colours in the marble too! (I do love my glitters!) I can't decide which nail I like best!

I topped off my patterns with one thick coat of Nails Inc – Kensington Caviar topcoat. I love this topcoat, it dries really fast and looks so super shiny. One very slight issue is the faint pink tinge it has, but that's only a problem if you're painting your nails white, as it can leave a light pink tone. It did drag some of the dark blue polish very slightly, but I think I didn't leave it to dry long enough before applying topcoat.

It's lasted 3 days so far with only a slight chip, and that's after shifting boxes around my house and a vigorous trip to Thorpe Park!

And guess what, even after water marbling and topcoat, the Model's Own STILL smells of blueberries!

How cool is this post!  Its definitely something i want to have a go with, and will try it -i doubt it will look as good as Vicky's but its worth a try!!

I want to thank Vicky hugely for doing this post for me, i love it!  I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as i enjoyed reading it, and i hope you come back and do another Guest Post for Penny For Them...!!

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  1. What a brilliant post Vicky and you've totally inspired me to try it. So amazing how each nail has a completely unique design and I keep changing my mind about my favourite! The photos were really good and it was all really well explained! Well done! Gonna go with neon brights myself I think and I love the fact that if I make a mistake I can pass it off as part of the unique design! Well that'll be my excuse anyway! xxx


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