Friday, 3 May 2013

Glam Guru April Beauty Box

Kinda obvious how conflicted i am with Beauty Boxes.  Its hit and miss with the usual monthly ones like Glossy Boxes and the Birch Boxes.  The ones like Latest In Beauty who tell you whats in the box, i think are a tad better.

I was reading a fellow bloggers blog HERE, and came across a box called "Glam Guru". This came all the merry way from Israel to me.  They were friendly to email and responded quickly to them.  From me enquiring to receiving the box it took about 10 days, which i think is pretty impressive!

It arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, and when i opened it, i was greeted by a very sleek and stylish black box with the initials GG engraved in silver in the box.  It was tied with a little black screamed Glamour!!

Opening up the black box it was wrapped neatly in a royal blue tissue paper

It had a lot of items in there! I was pleasantly surprised!!

One thing that confused me (which it would!) is that its all obviously written in Hebrew! The items, helpfully,  had English written on it so i can identify them!  And if i wanted to look more deeply there was a brand, so Google comes into play!

So in my box...

 Surprising me (and of course delighting me!) a mini bottle of Orly nail polish in a gorgeous colour shifting colour called "Synchro"
It really does look a gorgeous colour! Need to try this one soon!!

Another English (kind of!) item! A 15ml Glass Bottle of Morroccan Oil hair Treatment. I've said before that I've been worried about using Oils on my hair, but i keep getting them in my boxes, and have been advised to just add it to the ends, so I've not excuse not to try them now!!

This is  little tub of "Nighttime Facial Cream" by Halo.  A good sized sample, and the cream has a really refreshing scent as is a great consistency.  Definitely look forward to trying this one!

Another Cream, this time a day cream, a smaller size sample at 5ml and is by Jean D'Arcel Collection Caviar (sounds very posh!!).  Tried it on the back of my hand. has a very soft scent.  It did take a while for it to soak in and left a little bit of a greasy film, so not sure if it would be good for my skin type (combination/oily).  After it did absorb though, it felt smooth where i added it! So maybe it would be ok!

Next was a really good sized item.  It took me a while to find out exactly what it was (but that's because i stupidly skipped over the English explanation on its information tag!). This is a Hair Treatment mask from Elin Blanco.  Looking at the instructions on the Elin Blanco page, it is to be used after shampooing.  It smells lovely, and I'm looking forward to trying this one!

Next is a really nice coloured Mineral Bronzer Made from Gaya Cosmetics.  The glass tub has a wooden lid with the letter "Y" engraved in a gold colour on the lid.  It says on the bottom that this is shade MB-5, which is quite a natural bronzed colour, so perfect for my pale skin! Looking at the price the full size of 9 grams is 40 Euros. This sample is half the size so the RRP would be a wowee 20 Euros, so this alone was worth the cost of the box!  I actually am really looking forward to trying this one!

Lastly was a really cutely packed little netted bag full of lovely items:

In the bag were 3 sample sachets that were 5ml each of Face Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Night Cream.  A really cute little olive oil soap and a Lip Balm in Strawberry.  These were from a company called Aya Cosmetics who are a natural cosmetics company.

I think its a shame that we have to go to boxes outside the UK to find some brilliant boxes.
Another fellow blogger has just bought one from the USA that was solely make up items. Full sized and was delivered super quick and she was really pleased with it.

I know a few girls are now looking at getting this Glam Guru box, and if I'm honest i don't blame them -i think this is a great box, and I'm happy i got it.  The nail polish and the bronzer are my total favourites and alone that covers the cost of the box.
This might not be my last....!!

What do you think? 
Does this kick the asses of our own British "Beauty Boxes"?


  1. This does look like a really lovely box xx

  2. Looks like a realty good box to me! Good variation of products too. Xx


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