Saturday, 11 May 2013

British Nail Blogger Question Time

Of course im members of nail groups on Facebook...duh!
Im in quite a few, but there are the ones that im regularly in, reading and posting and taking part in little missions like this one!

This is the first one for me though, as im a newbie to the British nail Bloggers Facebook page, but its FAB!
Apparently, questions, tasks and missions are all part and parcel of the group and i think its a great way to interact with the members and to have all the bloggers come together!

So this posts question....


Hmm.  Now if this had been asked of me two weeks ago...i would have probably said one of the Dollish Polishes that were discontinued last year.

HOWEVER, its being asked now, and im kinda proud to have one that dates all the way back to 2003! So a massive TEN YEARS OLD!!
Which is it?
Youll know the name when i say it as i did a NOTD with it quite recently HERE.

It is of course, the beautiful OPI" Blue Moon Lagoon"

10 years old and still going on like a dream! Im proud of this little one in my collection!

So? Go on....whats the oldest one you have? Im sure this cant be the oldest one ever, so id love to know what you have!

And do you have one thats too old to save?

The other Bloggers have put their Oldest polish up in their blogs below -check them out!

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