Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birchbox "Editors Pick" Box

The only reason i got this box was because they gave it to me for free when they messed up and re-instated my subscription when i had cancelled it.

I have to say, if i had to pay for this box -i would be a major unhappy bunny.
its possibly the worst beauty box I've ever had.  And considering its supposed to be the "Editors Pick" it makes you wonder, if this is the best they can do......eeep.
Its safe to say I'm not drawn to buying Birchboxes, despite them only being active since January this year (they took over the old Jolieboxes). they've not done much to warrant a loyal follower in me I'm afraid.

You know what, its that bad, I'm not going to waste my time writing (and you reading) the items, so I'm just going to show what was in the box and description....

So, this was what the Editors Pick was.......

Yeah, kinda empty and non exciting isn't it.....
What was everything?
Nick Chavez Plump N Thick Leave IN Thickening Mist
L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream
Jason Lips Bee Healthier Lip Balm
Nail Girls Silver Polish
Eboost Pink lemonade

and as an extra (whoop)
Birchbox Eyelash Curlers.

Well, i now have THREE bottles of the Nick Chavez Leave In Conditioner -i didn't like it the first time, i was amused to see it again last month, but a bit annoyed to see it AGAIN in this box...

I have TWO BIRCHBOX eye lash curlers now (with a ridiculous RRP of £7.50 -where DO you get the RRP's from Birchbox!!??) -again, the first one i got i didn't want either, but why are they sending out repeat items to people who have subscribed to them before?
Surely they must have records of whats gone out in boxes - i cant believe they didn't know that the Nick Chavez spray has already been sent out TWICE before!???

You all know i adore nail polish but this is hardly worth writing home about -the SMALLEST bottle of polish ever....

A tube of Lip Balm...yay?

A sachet of Eboost -why is this in the Editors Pick?? Ive had it a few times in the Boxes and i never like them.

And they say as a "Beauty Extra" (ie a little something extra free of charge for you) a set of BIRCHBOX eyelash curlers....AGAIN.

The only thing I'm good about is the L'Occitane cream, but having said that, I've got about 10 of those little boxes of cream now, so....a bit meh about it.

I'm gobsmacked they can call this an Editors Pick...if this is what they consider cream of the crop...well, its a little worrying if you're a subscriber.

I have read write ups on the May box which some people have liked, so i don't know, maybe this box was a one off?

Did anyone else get this? Was it the same as this one? How do you feel about it?

Its put me right off Birchbox, and as i sit I'm not going to be buying from them again....

I feel sorry for those of you who paid for it, because no way would i have been happy paying for this box.
Birchbox, hang your head in shame!


  1. I only like the look of the L'occtaine product xx

    1. Yup, thats the only thing im pleased with too....kinda really let down with this box...
      what is happening with our beauty boxes lately!!?
      Sad :(

  2. The L'Occitane cream and the lip balm sound nice, it's ridiculous that they keep sending out the same items though. I don't think I'd be impressed, either, how many eyelashes do they think you have!?

    Jess xo


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