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BEWITCHING TOURS **REVIEW**: "Superstition Mountain Trilogy by Stacey Thompson **REVIEW ADDED**

Superstition Mountain
Superstition Mountain Trilogy Part One
By Stacey Thompson

The Order has been around for as long as Demons have roamed the earth, but when the first Demon starts a war, there are only a few left to finish it.

Ami's different and one of the best Monster Slayers there is, but she's not ready to face the dark with the one person who knows her best, Wesley the one who trained her. She might just fall in love with him.

Blood and Dust
Superstition Mountain Trilogy Part Two

Protecting the world against evil isn't easy when you are cursed with evil yourself. Ami is between the dark and the light. Will she be able to save herself and those she loves? Or will Price take her to the dark?

Truth in Lies
Superstition Mountain Trilogy Part Three

Wesley thought the search was over, but finding Ami was just the start of his problems. When a shady Witch joins them, trouble is all they get. Can Wesley bring Ami back from the darkness that's trying to take over her, or is she their new enemy?

Info on the full trilogy
The story leans on the Apache creation story, taking the idea of a Monster Slayer and bringing it to a western setting. The main character, Ami, is one of the best in the small village she lives in. The Shaman takes a special interest in her and she doesn't know why at first. She also gives her a stone that ties into the Apache legend. A love develops between the man who trained her, Wesley and herself.

We are also introduced to Maggie, a former Monster Slayer who helps with finding Price and tries to help them kill Price. She has her own issues with the past that are actually addressed shortly in the novella. She's the main character in the short story which tells us a lot more about why she is the way she is. This story, Bloody Christmas is available to read on my blog.

Price is the first Vampire Demon to be in the world. He was the original Monster the first Monster Slayer thought they killed. Where gold bullets from the sacred mines of Superstition Mountain will kill most Demons, they won't kill him. The only thing that can is the line of the original Monster Slayer, Ami. Instead of killing Ami, he takes an unusual interest in her.

In the second novella, Ami decides to leave because she doesn't want to burden Wesley with what she is. Of corse Wesley tracks her down because he loves her and doesn't realize she isn't totally human anymore. He tracks her to a town where there has been a killing of a Vampire by what looks like another Vampire. He starts to put things together, but still wants to believe she isn't something he needs to kill. 

While Wesley is tracking Ami, Maggie is on her own mission to help. She meets up with an old friend from her Monster Slayer days to help kill the evil that is Price. Her subplot plays out with reuniting with her old love, Cody, but he has complications as well. Wesley doesn't like Cody and there is back and forth a few times with these characters.

In the third novella, Wesley has to deal with the fact Ami is a Vampire and learn if he can live with it or if he must do what he's trained to do.

Cody learns to deal with the part of him that is different and Maggie accepts him for it. They live a life that brings happiness to themselves as well as rebuilding the Order that was destroyed by Price.

In the last chapter, we learn what evil can really do to people and who can carry that burden. It's an ending that leaves you wondering. ;)


Her eyes caught the blur race past her at blinding speed. She kicked her boot into the dirt to make the monster think she didn’t see it, but her hand slid around the six shooter at her side. Suddenly she was met with green cat eyes and hands on her shoulders. They always looked human. That’s how they could blend in and take the souls they wanted. It smiled before giving her a hard shove into the side of the nearby building.

Ami winced at the pain that rang through her body. She quickly regained herself and knelt on one knee, her eyes flicking around her, trying to find the monster once again. It got the jump on her that time, but she was not going to let that happen again.

It stopped moving and stood right in front of her. It was daring her. Her hand slid over the gun at her side. Her cowboy hat was pulled down to guard her eyes. Ami met his eyes. He smiled, his dark hair falling into his face slightly. He would have been a handsome man. If he were human.

“You’re a little out of your element, don’t you think, girl,” the demon said, smiling slyly. When she didn’t say anything, he curled his lips more. She waited and he jumped at her, pushing her to the ground. Her hand shot up to protect her face and her hat went flying from her head. She felt the hard blow of the ground under her. It almost knocked the wind out of her, but her mind was focused on the demon pinning her to the ground.

“So, why did they choose you?” He stared. “You don’t have the heart to be a monster slayer. You’re just a kid.” He was so close to her face she could feel his breath and smell the stench of death.

She pulled the gun from the holster and jabbed it into his stomach. He smiled at the new move. “I guess I could be wrong,” he said, laughing as she pulled the trigger. The shot was loud in her ear.

Ami pushed the demon off of her and pulled herself to her feet. She watched the monster as it turned to an odd steam and vaporized in front of her. She smiled and holstered the six shooter. Her eyes scanned the ground for her hat to keep her face out of the hot Arizona territory sun.

She saw the old brown hat, but it wasn’t laying on the ground where she thought it should be, it was in the hands of a man. He was dressed in dirty blue jeans and a red button down shirt. His light brown duster blew behind him. She watched him as he looked from under the rim of his own hat and met her gaze.

“You shouldn’t have taken off on your own,” he said, taking a step towards her. Ami just rolled her eyes.

“I was ready. You of all people should know that,” she said grabbing her hat and sliding it on her head.

“And what if your gun had fallen into the wrong hands?” He turned away and started walking. Ami stood a minute and watched her teacher. He was the first in this unknown world she'd come to understand. He saved her when she should have been a demon’s play toy.

“How did you know where to find me, Wesley,” she said, following behind him to the pair of horses he had tied at the end of the alley. The dark haired man just looked at her, his dark eyes piercing and warning. Ami knew that look. He would give it to her when she was asking something she shouldn’t be or doing something that could get her killed.

“We need to get back. The Shaman called a meeting.” He climbed onto his light brown horse. To keep the animal in line, he pulled at the reins.

“So, she never wants us involved in those.” Ami climbed her own horse and glanced at Wesley.

“This time she wants everyone there. It’s important,” he said as he gave his horse a light kick to get moving. Ami took a breath and followed. She knew this wasn’t a good sign. The Shaman only ever told the ones who were part of the inner group and Ami was not one of those.


The ride back to our home was short and quiet. Wesley didn’t chastise the fact she’d left the safe zone, but she had a strong feeling he was leaving that for the Shaman.

The desert gave way to the base of a mountain with a wood arch. Ami always trailed her eyes over the symbols carved into the wood. This kept them safe at the base of the mountain. The thin veil the Apache magic held kept them safe and gave them enough power to keep the balance of good and evil. But it had to be protected.

We rode into the small village that was put together with lingering dirt homes and stick housing that was crude at best. This was not the most comfortable place, but it was safe from the Demons of the world. We were all targets of some kind. Most got thrown into this war without any previous knowledge there was something more to it or that there were beings beyond human.

“Hurry up and get to the fire pit. I’ve got to talk to a couple other people,” Wesley said, turning on her and heading off into his own direction. She stood there for a moment, waiting for a bitch out session from someone else and sure enough one person she didn’t want to see came running up to yell at her.

“What were you doing going off like that?” She said. Ami took in the young girl. Her blond hair was long down her back. She dressed herself in a long dress and flat black shoes. Ami wondered how she expected to hunt Demons dressed like that.

“What do you care?” Ami turned on her heel from the girl. She grabbed at her arm and pulled her back.

“We are all at risk if one of us gets caught or killed. You know that.” She was getting annoying, and Ami was not going to stand there and listen to it.

“Jan, we’ve got to go to the fire pit. There’s some kind of meeting going on. We’ll talk about this after, okay?”  She said, hoping it would get her to drop the whole thing. If I don’t kill you first. She forced a smile and pulled away from Jan. The last thing she wanted was to deal with her and her “Holier than though” attitude. Jan wanted to be the best, and it burned her ass that Ami was better in a shorter amount of time.

Ami made her way to the fire pit and stood at the back. It was already full of the other fifty or sixty people living in the village. Some of them were teaching others, most were learning.

“I’ve called you all here for a reason,” a small full blooded Indian woman stepped into view. She was visibly wise, but she also looked like the kind of person you’d tell your life story to. She was short, and her long silver hair flowed down her back. She smiled and glanced at me before she stopped in the center in front of the fire.

“I have been given information from the Elders. There is a lot coming we may not be ready for. I want you all to stay close for at least a little while.” Her eyes met Ami’s as though she was talking to her alone. “Important work must be done, but we must do it as a team. No one person can stop the threat coming our way. I will tell you all more as needed.” She stopped, turned and disappeared from view.

Ami stood there for a moment, listening to the group chatter. Most didn’t understand what was going on, and why it mattered, but she knew it was crucial, and the Shaman wasn’t telling them everything. Why would she? They were almost all students of her teaching. None were ready to fight the big Demons in the world. Even if she thought she was.

Ami walked towards the edge of the little village she lived in for most of her life. Everything changed when they found her, and she understood what she was fighting. She was stronger. She could understand what it was she was doing and how to kill the Demons that stole her entire life from her.

The night was black as coal. Ami was small, maybe five at most. She was sitting on the back steps when she heard the screaming of her mother. Ami ran into the house to see two men pinning her mother to the wall. They were both dressed in long coats and dark cowboy hats. She looked at them and then back to her mother.

The man farthest from her raised his head so she could see the face under the black cowboy hat. It looked normal, but his eyes were different, they seemed to glow. She watched in horror as  smile crept across his lips.

“That’s the one we’ve been looking for,” he said, taking a step towards her. She felt almost frozen in fear, but her feet knew what to do. She turned and ran as fast as she her feet would allow. Ami knew she would never be able to run faster than what these things, but she had to try. The desert was vast in front of her, but she knew it well from taking hunting trips with her father.

Ami ran until someone grabbed her from behind and scooped her up. She closed her eyes and tried fighting the man.

“Hey, I’m trying to help you,” he said, pulling her back so she could see he wasn’t the enemy. She met his eyes and waited a moment to see if they would do that odd glowing the others had done in her home, but they stayed the same dark brown color. She glanced behind him, but no one was there.

He whistled and a white horse came trotting up to the pair. It was gigantic, but obedient. The man who saved her grabbed her around the waist and helped her onto the horse. He then got on behind her, and they rode to her new life.

She sat quietly for a while before asking, “who are you?” He seemed to hesitate with his answer, but then decided to humor the child.


 Stacey has been writing since she can remember. She primarily writes Edgy Paranormal and Paranormal Romance, but has dabbled in the Horror and Young Adult Genres.

She is a mother of Three and lives in the beautiful state of Wyoming. You can find her at her blog and Facebook page.

Twitter: @staceytg

All Books review

A short and easy read!
Theres 3 books to this series, and it feels very much like it could have been put into one book, rather than 3 separate volume, but it actually works.

Youre kinda thrown into the story straight away and it does take a little bit of thinking and guess work but nothing too taxing.  And that continues throughout the book.  It feels a bit like the author gives you the gist of things and you use your mind to carry on the information in your mind.

We're given several points of views but mainly from Ami's view point who is a girl trying to discover whats been being held from her - to find out what secrets make her who she is.

A book with little strong language or adult content, so YA's will be fine with this!

Was quick to read, easy to read and very light.  Not too much concentration is needed so perfect for those days where you just want to flick through a book!

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  1. these books sound fantastic..the type of book i cant put down!


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