Thursday, 4 April 2013

Small Charity Shop Shop!

Went out to get Dog and Kitty food, and decided to have a peek in the 2 closest charity shops (Marie Curie and Save the Children), and picked a few bits up for great prices!

These 3 kitty figures were £1 each :)  How could i leave them!!  I love these, they're so cute and heavy ornaments too, so i don't have to worry about my real cats being less than light footed around them!

I'm a total candle lover, and when i saw these for £1 each, they had my name on them!! They smell really nice and fresh, and are quite a big size!  They still had the original price tags on them saying that they were sold for £3 each in the shop, so i snapped them up!


I don't know what it is, but one day my mum said to me "I don't have a big toiletry bag/make up bag for all my bits, can you keep an eye out for one for me" and being the dutiful and bargain hunter daughter that i am,  i did....and now shes got 4 of them, and i keep getting them!!
This one is a good size and has inside pockets and a shoulder strap, so i guess can be used as an everyday bag, but definitely looks like a toiletry/make up/overnight items kinda bag to me and for £2, i was happy!  If mum doesn't need it, I'm sure i could make use of it!

My mum is coming over on Saturday and i cant wait  -i haven't seen her since Christmas and even though we speak daily on Skype, its not the same as having her sat next to me....!
i don't have any wine glasses....well, ill rephrase that, i have the odd one where they WERE a set, but somewhere along the way, they lost their brothers and sisters and now I've got a bedraggled mix!
I saw these two and liked them, pretty sure not crystal, but they're nice and heavy glasses and for the 2 it was £1.50. bargain!

...Then i worried! My oldest best friend is coming over NEXT Saturday so they'd be three of us needing a glass!  So i still got the 2 above but while i was paying for them, i spotted these 4 in the glass cabinet that held the till and where you paid.  For 4 it was £2.50, and they're really pretty and most importantly i have MATCHING WINE GLASSES!!! Yaaay!!

And lastly, because i can never resist a cuddly toy when i go into a charity shop, especially ones as cute as these, and at 50p each....happy :)
They're small enough and cute enough to be my car mascots :)


I know not an exciting shop but getting all these for under £15, i was a happy bargain hunter.  I do love charity shops, and while my mum is here ill probably   do a bigger shop.....(if she lets me!!).

Happy Bargain Hunting!!

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  1. Love the kitties xx


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