Tuesday, 16 April 2013

REVIEW: Primark's "Embellish" Polish & Beads 3D Manicure Set

As a girlie weekend, i couldn't let the opportunity to get my friend and mum playing with my umpteen polishes and taking piccies ready to put on my blog pass me by!!

Nicola really wanted to try the new fad that's been around for a while, but none of us had really tried it.  It was the polish with the small round balls that you apply on top of the polish.

I have to say, I've had reservations about these, mainly due to a conversation i had with a Selfridges employee just after Christmas when i was looking for the elusive Ciate mini calendar.  She was a neutral party -so wasn't trying the hard sell, and in fact told us that Superdrugs own were just as good to try as the more expensive brands (which made me laugh!!).  I had never tried them, but obviously seen them and wanted this calendar.  I asked her and she said "in all honesty, they're not that great."  She said " i tried them on, and as you cant use a top coat on them, they knocked off easily and by the end of the night i was pinging them off as they were just getting annoying".  I thanked her for her honesty! And appreciated it, as i was eyeing up the new Ciate ones, but she said that the ones that sell for a few quid in Superdrugs were just as good!  Not often you meet such a truthful sales person!!!

Anyway, onto the set.  This was in one of my great box swaps, and had been sat waiting to be tested.  This was its time to shine!

The polish was silver and it said to add 2 coats, do each nail as you go along.  So Nic painted a nail twice, then held her hand over the little plastic tray  that comes with the pack, and i sprinkled liberally the beads over the nail, trying to get them on as quick as possible while the polish was still wet and able to get the beads to stick to it.

The kit also comes with a little funnel, so any of the beads that dropped off Nic's nails into the plastic tray was mega easy to get back into the bottle!  So ten nails later, ten shakes of the bead bottles and the nails were done.  All in all around 15-20 minutes to do them all. (but its one of those things, that i KNOW ill be finding the little teeny tiny beads for days, weeks, months to come...!!!!).

it seems like you're using alot of the beads when you're pouring it onto the nail, but when the nail is shook to get any excess off, you funnel the rest back into the bottle -after the one mani, i still have just over 3/4's of a bottle left!

And in all honesty, they looked pretty good! look!

The only problem i would say, is the polish dried pretty quick (which normally id be thrilled about!) but you needed it wet so the beads would stick to them.  You can see small areas that the beads didn't stick to, no matter how Nic turned her hand or how many i sprinkled on the area, it was too late to add them.
Apart from that, they looked pretty funky!  The silver polish was a great colour for the silver, blue and pink beads and they complimented each other great!

So, was the lady at Selfridges right?
I'm afraid to say yes she was.  The next day, Nic showed me her nails...

Not so great sadly.  the majority of the beads have been knocked off and even some of the polish.  And it now looks very scraggly and untidy -not a good look!
Nic hadn't been doing anything excessive with her hands for this to happen -so no washing up or anything like that, it was just a normal wear and tear.


PRO's - good value, has instructions included, all you need is in the box, not many beads needed to cover a nail, polish went on well and nice colour, beads were a pretty colour, easy to apply, great for a night out

CON's - polish dried a little too quick so some of the nail had patches of no beads on, only lasted about 18 hours before the beads and some of the polish were removed, making it look scraggly and untidy, not long lasting -so not an ideal way to have your nails if you want something to last a few days, finding little beads around for days, weeks or months!!

So it turns out the lady at Selfridges was right.  Having said that, these are Primark's so although good value, maybe the more expensive ones work better, i don't know?  We were impressed with the ease and quickness of doing all the nails and how the end result looked.  We were disappointed by the next morning's look as it looked really untidy -and were surprised that not only the beads that had come off, but also alot of the silver polish -that was unexpected!
Our personal thoughts were they'd be great for a night out or a days wear (as long as you don't do anything in water like washing up etc), but that would be it -a novelty nail effects.  

This kit didn't give an estimate of length of wear, and I'm not sure if there are ones that say "it stays on for such-and-such a time".  
but I'm not sure there would be a massive difference in what ingredients/type of beads are in the different brands, but would be interested to know if you've worn these?

What brand were they and how long did they stay on for? Would you buy them again?


  1. I have used cheapy beads from eBay and also have also got 2 of the MUA nail constellations ones. When I apply I do my polish as normal and the put a thick coat of top coat on, then pour the beads on, so when the beads flick off, the nails still look textured if you get what I mean?


  2. hehe they look lush. i apply mine on top of nail glue (for falseys) over a dry coat of polish seems to hold em on x


  3. hmm. I was told that you werent supposed to use a top coat (by the same Selfridges lady!), so didnt even think to add that! Might be one to try the next time i try these...
    Jenni, thats a fab idea, again, something that didnt even enter our heads (probably cos of the amount of alcohol floating around it...!)
    Thanks for the tips girls

  4. hey i too bought the same kit, but i must say i did add a transparent top coat, two coats actually. it's been a week now, and they are holding up pretty fine. here's a pic.

    what you could also try is to add the beads as soon as you put the coat of paint, and press down lightly. let it dry for 5 mins before adding the top coats.

    good luck!


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