Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: Primark Nail Wraps

Review: Primark Nail Wraps

So, my mum has come to stay for the week (yaay!).
Shes as much a nail product lover as me (well, has more self control over her purchases of polishes...unlike her daughter!)

We came across a packet of the Primark Nail Wraps that i got in one of my fab box swaps.  Neither of us had tried them, so mum was happy to play guinea pig!

They went on with ease, a little shaping at the ends of the nails, but it took literally 15 minutes to apply all 10 wraps to nails.

In the packet they look like black and silver checkers, and nothing too special.  If you hold the packet to the light, it starts to show its potential, by the silver catching the light and sparkling brightly.

ON the nails, they looked brilliant! And we were both a little shocked to see how well they came out, as we both really had no idea!

So, straight after applying them, they looked like this;

Mum applied them using a little heat from an electric heater which helped them stick on quicker.  Trimmed the overlap, and then used a buffer to smooth the wraps edges so they were level with the nails edge.
Even in this picture you can see the light glinting off the silver on the wraps, and we were pleasantly shocked by how cool they looked!

We wondered if a top coat would help it stay on for longer.  So we applied 2 coats of the Seche clear top coat.  The top coat added more of a sparkle! bonus!

The test really was to see how long they stayed on.....

They were put on at approximately 4pm on Sunday.  By 9pm, one had slid off...

We kinda expected for one of them to slip...but not so soon.....
We re-applied it, another coat of the top coat...but an hour later, it had slipped off again.  But it was just that one.....We thought we'd see how they'd fare by the morning.... morning 3 had come off including the one from last night.

So, as expected, not a good substitute for a manicure or for a few days coverage, but a fantastic way to jazz up your nails for a night out!

Pros: Cheap, Quick and easy to apply, good for a quick change of nail appearance, looked great while on!

Cons: didn't last long, first sign of removal came after 5 hours, not good for a few days worth,

Final word:  perfect for a quick and easy jazzing up of the nails for a night out, but not recommended to try to keep on for a few days and looking neat.  Great price, super quick and easy to apply even for novices.  Definitely one to have in reserves for that last minute party night!


  1. Oh they do look fab, shame they dont last long x

  2. it was a shame, as they looked great on!
    for a night out though, i think theyd be great!
    Im going to try and find the OPI ones ive got and see if a bigger brand would be any different!

    Thanks for stopping by again hun! xx


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