Sunday, 28 April 2013

NOTD: Nfu -Oh 65

This was actually done yesterday, and the sun was shining so i thought id give it a go!

I'll give you warning now! This is the first time I've tried a true Holo polish, and its not to fantastic standards, but i wanted to show it to you anyway, so excuse the slight picture errors or blur, I'm just a newbie to this one!

Nfu Oh 65.  Its beautiful.  Really, really beautiful.  The bottle is just gorgeous and unique as you can see above.  A really feminine and dainty bottle, and i love the bottle alone!

I managed to get 2 bottles of Nfu Oh for good prices when a friend did a group order, and they arrived last week.  I got this one and also number 61 which is a sliver Holo, and ill be trying that out too.

Now, what is awkward and need to be bared in mind about true Holo polishes...a normal clear base doesn't really work with it.  There is  a Nfu Oh Aqua Base made especially for Holos, but i didn't get it.  However, I've seen other ways to try to get the polish on.  The one that appealed to me most, mainly as i have a few around, was trying a plain silver polish as a base.  I used a Primark one, so it really was a basic base!

I think it DID help.  I only did 2 coats of the Nfu Oh polish.  The first one was quite a thin coat, which caused a few catches on the polish and leaving some streaks.  so, OK, not the right way to do it, so i change tactics!  The second coat, i did much thicker, spread it around the nail without going over a place already covered, and this seemed to work quite well!  Like i said earlier, though, its not the greatest mani and i think ill get better with time, but for a first go, I'm OK with it!

The Silver polish did act as a good substitute for the Aqua base, and I will probably try it again with that.  I have heard that kids PVA glue is also a good substitute but i cant comment on that as i haven't tried it!!

As it was a sunny day, i took advantage, and did an outside picture too. WOW, this brings the polish to life and i saw WHY Holo's have such a good name, especially for sunny weather wearing! (apologies for the first blurry picture!!)
I used Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat to finish.

What i have discovered, in my box of nail goodies was a bottle of Mavala MavaDry.  I've tried Opi and nail quick dry sprays and none really worked.  THIS one, I'm really impressed with. It dried the polish really quick.  As normal i always seem to have something to do after I've done my nails, and after using this, it didn't disturb the polish at all, even as little as after just 5 minutes of it being on.

I have to admit, at first i was a little bit.....disappointed.

I had heard fantastic things about Nfu Oh and maybe id put them on too high a pedestal, but the longer I'm wearing it, the more i find myself looking at it and admiring it and the way it really shimmers in the light, the more i like it, and the more i could see WHY they have such a good reputation and why people love it!

If only we had more sun to make the polish shine all the time!
I was unsure as to whether to keep this, so called upon mum to help me make a decision!!
She loves it, so this one is staying aswell!!


  1. They look stunning! Love the holographic colours
    Lou xx

  2. Thank you hunnie!
    For a first go with my nails being stubby, im ok with it, but i can do better, which ill do with the next one!
    Thanks hun!

  3. Love the bottle xx


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