Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NOTD: Model's Own "Northern Lights"

It occurred to me that for the last few NOTD'd I've been doing Indie polishes, and i know that not very easy to get hold of, most of them, as they're made in the USA and postage from there now costs a bit!

So i thought id go to my original collections of Models Own, Nails Inc, Opi's Zoya's and the more mainstream.
I plucked four different bottles out, and decided upon this one: Model's Own "Northern Lights".  This is part of the "Wonderland" set they released in 2012. its still available at their website (Link in the picture of the bottle above) and i know that at the moment, Boots is doing a great offer of Buy One get One Half Price!

I first came across Models Own by accident, which is pretty much how i find most polishes! I loved the Beetlejuice range and my collection kinda grew from there!
I got this one and have never tried it, and so it seemed a good a day as any!

This is a beautiful polish.  As with all Model's Own polishes, it goes on smoothly, it has a long and wide brush compared to other brands which makes it easier to use.
On the Model's Own website, it even says that this collection is brilliant to use as one coat to give a snowflake like effect, or built up to be opaque and still be eye catching.

I have to actually agree!
I did one coat, and it was, like they said, almost a snowflake like effect with its hints of pink, purple, silver glitters and a light pink base.  I added another coat, and this for me was perfect.  It covered the nail, and had an amazing effect!
(base coat used was nails Inc Kensington Caviar)

You can already see the glitter on the first coat and even more so on the second.  The glitters were bordering on Holographic, and which ever way the light catches it, it just looks...beautiful! There really is no other word.  Its feminine, pretty, dainty, and just a gorgeous polish.

I really cant find anything negative to say about it..oh one thing - if you accidentally get it on your fingers or around the edges of your nails, its a bark to get off!! Rubbing or scraping at it wont remove it, so have your nail polish remover pen or cotton bud soaked at the ready! I had glitter on my fingers for a while after till it dawned (duh) on me to just remove it with nail polish remover.....(what can i say, I'm having a blond day!).

Another down in my nail polish challenge, and another one that i have to say is staying....!!
The plan to use ones I've bought and never tried is going great....but the de-stashing not so much -i seem to get pretty polishes that i don't want to part with!!

This little gorgeous beauty is most definitely staying, and I'm thinking it might be my holiday polish too!

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  1. Beautiful colour Claire, I need to get me some Models own polishes. Xx


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