Sunday, 21 April 2013

NOTD: Lush Lacquer "Dreamsicle"

For the past two days, for some unknown reason i was having "nail polish off days"...nothing i applied looked right and i was getting grumpy about it, so my nails got the Commando treatment (naked for 2 days!).  I was plucking through my bottles and this one kept grabbing my attention.

I sighed and thought "ok, ill give you a try. But if you're gonna be awkward, I'm taking you off"...sat down and started to apply it...... went on like a complete dream!  Very opaque for the first coat, but by the third coat there was complete coverage and i LOVED it!
The base colour is a gorgeous sky blue that shimmers in its own right.  Mixed in are hexagons of blue and silver glitter and tiny slivers of silver so no matter where you are or how much sun (or lack of) you have, it ALWAYS has a shimmer and a glint of glitter for you. i really love this polish,and totally recommend it! I was told it was discontinued, but there is a link to the Lush Lacquer Etsy Store via the above bottle picture that would take you straight to the gorgeous polish to nab one!!

Big difference between one coat and three, right?
but what was amazing was how you could apply the polish.  I did thing coats, medium coats, thick coats and they all applied really smoothly, no catching, no drying and rubbing off that all went on.  I tended to swerve towards the thicker coats, but that's just because i love to have as much colour as i can!

I also did a picture inside and outside (in the five minutes we had sun!).  Straight off, apologies for the hang nails on my 2 middle fingers. Don't know where the buggers have come from, but I'm trying to make them go away! I just wanted to apologise, and to try and make you see the colour, not the pains in the picture!!)

Even though in the bottle there were tons of the hexagon glitters (you can even see them in the bottle picture at the top of the page), it was a task to get any on to the brush.  I didn't dig around, so what you see is what came out on a normal dip and stroke!  I think the sun brings it to life that little extra bit.  And I'm finding myself looking at my nails thinking "i LOVE this colour!!"  Theres only been 2 previous to this that have done that with me, so I'm a happy girl!

I LOVE the colour.  I didn't mind that i didn't get umpteen glitters, as the colour is just so nice and summery, light and dainty on your nails its just ideal for when (if) the sun ever comes out to play this year!!
I LOVE the fact it applied so easily!  heck, i loved the polish full stop, and very very glad i got it!

As my little challenge of "using the polishes i have but never tried" goes on, I'm finding that I've picked colours that i love and (up to now!) suit me, which I'm pleased about!  This one is a stayer ;)


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