Monday, 15 April 2013

NOTD: Illamasqua "Speckle"

To get a couple of Illamasqua polishes - my first ones!-, i parted company with a few of my polishes that have now gone to a good home!  Their new owner helped me to fund 2 Illamasqua polishes -this one "Speckle" and also "Freckle".

I ordered both on the Easter weekend.  I ordered the Speckle direct from Illamasqua, and the Freckle from ASOS as each one didn't have one of the other.  They both had 10% off and both had free shipping, so it wasn't really a hardship i didn't lose any money by having to go to two places, luckily!

Now, what disappointed me.  ASOS sent me a dispatch email on the first working day back, the Tuesday, and by Friday it had arrived.  Ive never had any problems with ASOS at all - i love them!
It was Illamasqua's service i was wary about.  So as i said, ordered same day.  I got a dispatch email the Monday just gone (so 8 days after i ordered and paid) and it arrived yesterday (Wednesday) -so fair play delivery was fast.  But 8 days to get it out to me? Makes me a little hesitant to try them again, but alot of people said they've had excellent service from them, so maybe it was a one off....although I've spoke to people who have had their entire orders cancelled even though everything was in stock when they ordered.  That is a small pet peeve of mine -to have it showing and being able to purchase it and then a week later told you cant have it? Not great...

..anyway, onto the polish itself!

Base coat as normal, this time i used Mavala.
i was actually really impressed with Illamasqua's polish, and can understand why they have a good reputation.  The first coat went on really well, but my nails were still visible through the polish, but that's generally what happens with most polishes on the first coat, so no big surprises or anything.

The second coat...made a HUGE difference. Complete coverage on the nails, again applied really smoothly and easily onto the nails.  And what i was happy with -it really did only need 2 coats.  Alot of polishes say they only need 2 coats, but when you apply it, its obvious it needs another.  But not this one.  

Two coats, and it was done, and gorgeous.

The little speckles were abundant on each brush stroke, so no digging around in the bottle to find -there were plenty on each brush stroke.  Again, which is sometimes a problem with some polishes.

Even on the first coat, you can see how many of the speckles there were!

This was two coats with a Mavala top coat:

I was really really pleased with this polish, and glad i took the dip to pay the extra cost it can be!  Its definitely worth it, and actually stayed on for at least 4 or 5 days and i only removed it when i noticed one small chip on one nail.  The staying power was brilliant!
I definitely  recommend this polish!  I bought Freckles too, which i will be trying soon, and I'm hoping it will be just as good as this one!


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