Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NOTD: Glitzology "Pixie Dust"

This is a strange polish  or it might need a little of nail polish thinner added to it!
But as it was, it was a real thick jelly consistency, and a complete glitter fest!

I made the mistake of using it as a stand alone polish - i think this would be perfect as a second coat over a plain colour underneath, but i tried to have it as a polish on its own!

It really was a bit like spreading glitter onto your nail, rather than a polish.  The jelly was really thick and it was a bit of a battle to get it onto the nail and stay on and not move about, which it did quite a bit - hence the reason i think it would be great as a glitter topcoat.

Base coat was Nails Inc Kensington caviar.

I only did two coats.  This was because, the first one didn't cover it completely. The jelly had a very light pink sheen to it but obviously the glitter is in control of this polish!!  The second coat was a little hard to add on, again it was like just using a brush that was full of a glitter filled jelly brush!

However, i did like the end result. It was completely glitter fantastic, but not very practical! The photos show a bit of glitter slipping on the edges of the nail, so apologies for that!

How Glitter-tastic is this!!  We had sunshine for about ten minutes yesterday, so i took advantage of it and it showed the glitter in an even better light!!

In the night light, the green/turquoise pieces of glitter really shine through, in comparison to the daylight which picks up the pink and silver more!

I think its obvious when you look at it, that yes it looks pretty on its own with 2 coats, but it really would be much better as a top coat for a plain colour underneath!

Well, if you don't try, you don't know, right? So Ive learnt!!

Its a really pretty colour, and i love the glitter! This one is staying too!


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