Friday, 26 April 2013

NOTD: Dollish Polish "Who Ever Heard of A Snozzberry?"

I feel very lucky to have been able to get this polish!!
It has been discontinued, but Dolly, being the lovely person she is, had one around and i snapped it up!

I've been meaning to try it since it came through my letterbox but last week was a bad polish week and nothing seemed to go on right!
I wasn't alone in wanting to see what this looked like, so this is for you too!

The name...come on, i don't have to tell you where this name is from do i? But for those i DO..."Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"  (the original one!!) One of my favourite all time films!!
The more names i see of Dollish Polishes, the more i love them, as Dolly has great taste in films, series and her names are fantastic!

When it was available to buy from Dollish polish it was described as a "gorgeous hue is a bold hot pink shimmer with a slight violet duo-chrome with flecks of hexagon holographic glitter."
Very accurate!

As with all DP's this went on like a dream.  I only needed two medium thick coats to have full coverage.
The colour is a vibrant dark pink, pretty, loaded with teeny pieces of glitter which glint in the light! Not a massive Holographic effect, but to be honest, if there was i think it would distract from the fab colour and the glitter that sparkles!
(again apologies for the first blurry picture -it looks fine when i take it, but obviously not!!)

i used NI Kensington Caviar Base Coat and also an NI Caviar top coat...
The end result:

i LOVE it!!

I know i have a lot of dollish polishes, and Dolly was kind enough to do a fab interview with me on the blog, it might look like I'm biased....but I'm not!

I have alot of DP's, and had them before Dolly came to the blog and as my challenge at the moment is to try ones I've got but never tried, I'm happy to pluck a bottle of Dolly's out..and i KNOW, i just KNOW I'm going to love it. I KNOW its going to go on fantastic.  And i haven't been disappointed yet...

I don't know if its possible for Dolly to make a bad polish.....!
I keep getting them as i love the colours, and shes released a huge batch of new colours on her Dollish Polish website, of which most of them i have earmarked to grab when i come back of my hols!!

While I've got you here, if anyone has:
It Wasn't Over, Its Still Not Over
Looking For My Mr Big
Toxic Avenger (HUGE want -but as rare as rocking horse poop!)

PLEASE get in touch with me as i would love to add them to my collection! You can email me, leave a message here or use the contact me section.  I need these!!!! LOL

Its a miserable day here -raining, hailstones, completely overcast, windy and just yukky British weather....this polish adds a lovely splash of colour to the day!

Another Dollish Polish loved, and another off the Challenge List (and oh yeah, this ones staying!!!!)


  1. OOh I am liking the look of this a lot... incidentally I almost turned into Verucca Salt when I saw your title ha xx

  2. hehee!!
    A very cool colour and a fab name, right!!

  3. Gorgeous polish!
    I have a new blog and i've just started following you.
    I'd love it of you would follow back.

  4. hi melissa!
    Thank you and im glad to have you here!
    Just about to go and visit your own page, i hope you like it here :)


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