Friday, 5 April 2013

NOTD: Dollish Polish "It's Bigger On The Inside"

source: Dollish polish Photos

After my disappointment to the NOTD yesterday, i took the polish off this morning to replace it with something else that would make me smile.

And Dollish polish ALWAYS makes me smile!  Another reason for using a Blue polish, is its National Autism Awareness Month and blue is the colour to symbolise the recognition of this.  You'll find alot of Nail polish bloggers also doing this.

Dolly had a flash sale on this polish a few weeks ago, and i grabbed one and it arrived yesterday.
The name is cool and obviously a bow to Dr Who and showing again Dolly's love of Sci Fi!  If you think the picture above is gorgeous, you would LOVE this in real life.  It has so much more depth and it really is like looking up and seeing stars in the night sky.
On the Dollish polish Store this is described as "A rich, shimmery TARDIS blue with flecks of blue glitter make this shade worth travelling & space for."

Cant really argue with that!! The blue shimmer and the tiny flecks of silver and blue glitter makes this a gorgeous polish and I'm so glad i snapped it up -its still for sale and just click the Dollish polish photo above to take you there!

OK, so i used a base coat (Mavala) and i ended up using 3 coats of the polish.  They were all quite thin coats, so it built up nicely. (Apologies for the blurry pictures, i didn't know they were blurry until i uploaded them!!) but I'm hoping you can see the polish well enough to know what its like at each coat.

I didn't actually use a top coat for this -the 3 coats of polish was plenty.  And it dried really quickly, which i loved as i always find things to do just after I've done my nails!
 Again we have sunshine! So i took a picture of inside and outside so you can see (hopefully!) how cool it looks in the sun as well as when its inside....

Okay, this is the first time i compared inside and outside with this polish -its amazing that there's not much difference! The sparkle is still very noticeable inside and just gets better with the sun!

I just nipped out to the chemist and while i was walking i actually looked at the polish, and.....I'm gobsmacked by it. Its just beautiful.  And i cant grab that beauty on camera, it really is 10 times better than the pictures you see of it, and them on their own are gorgeous!! The blue is a perfect match to the Tardis and the subtle glints of glitter I'm really loving! So even though it could be considered a dark colour, the glitter and shimmer lifts it so its perfect for dull or bright days!!

Ive just been hoovering and cleaning with sprays and wipes, and the polish hasn't budged!! (Although my body has now said "Jeeez, enough already" and flat refuses to do anything else...

THIS was the happiness i missed with yesterdays NOTD, so i feel better now I've got a brilliant colour and polish on!!

This i totally recommend -i don't know anyone disappointed by it!


  1. Ooh I am liking the look of this xx

  2. it is amazing hun!! I loved it when i swatched it before i got it, but like i say i cant catch the true....gorgeousness of it on camera!
    Its so daintily pretty, yet grown up and colour alone is fab!
    The last one to make me think this WOWZERS was the Pixie Polish "Darden Garden"...
    ...i love going through my polishes!!!
    Thanks for stopping by!!


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