Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NOTD: Dollish Polish - "I <3 Nerds"
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Its no secret that i LOVE Dollish Polish.  I haven't come across a bad one, and theres a ton i would LOVE (see wishlist -if you can help id be grateful!!! LOL!!) that have been discontinued and I'm on the hunt for them!  Dolly is a brilliant, friendly lady who has a genuine passion for her polishes and genuinely wants everyone to be happy with them and love them....shes got a fan here -and that was before i did the interview with her!

This one was no exception.
As a nod to Dolly's love of Candy ("Nerds" those fab little tiny pieces of sweet chewy bits!) and described on her site as "Hot pink milky crelly with small and medium hexagons & squares in shades of purple, blue, pink and turquoise".
Perfect description.

As always, the polish went on mega smoothly.  Each brush dip brought with it the little specks of glitter.  It was every now and then the bigger pieces popped up, but after the final coat, there were at least 2 big chunks on each nail, and it looked fab!

Base coat used was Nails Inc "Kensington Caviar"

if I'm honest, i could have left it at 2 coats, but i think the 3rd coat just added a bit more speckles of glitter (which i can never say no to!!). It also deepened the pink base colour, and i really do love it.  It looks deeper in real life than it does on the pictures -again, like "It's Bigger On The Inside" -i cant capture the full gorgeousness of the polish!

It went on easily, medium coats each time.  it dried easily and quickly.  I added a Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat......

I honestly do not have one bad word to say about this polish!!

I always know that if I'm having bad polish days like i did last week, if i try a Dollish Polish...it always goes on super well, and always makes me smile and looking at the fab colour all the time its on!

Another one staying ;)

Oh, if anyone can help me with my Wishlist -especially the Dollish Polish ones in red, please let me know!!


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