Wednesday, 17 April 2013

NOTD: Darling Diva "A Pink Nightmare"

Carrying on with my "Bought but not tried" challenge! Next up was Darling Diva's "A Pink Nightmare".

I fancied a pink colour and had to choose (yup, choose!!) between a few different pinks, and decided upon this one!

The polish is a  light pink shimmery base.  Mixed in is an array of different sized glitters ranging from small hexagon to large hexagon in a gorgeous colour burst of pink, purple, silver.  its a really pretty colour to look at! 

Base coat as normal, which was Mavala today.
I normally love polishes that have a full colour coverage, and the glitter and shimmer are a great extra.  This polish.....wasn't as heavily coloured as i normally go for.  But having said that, the final result was actually a really pretty and dainty look.

All coats went on really well, very smooth, no catching of quickly dried polish.  It was almost a gel like consistency and i think that is what made it so easy to apply.

The first coat left a hint of colour, and alot of glitter (yay!!).  The second coat added a bit more of the base pink, along with more glitter, and i finished on 3 coats as i really didn't want to add any more.  
This gave the polish a good light pink look, an i was impressed with the amount of glitter -alot of polishes you need to dig around to get some on the nail, but this polish added more and more with each coat -Fab!!

(Apologies for the blurry last picture!! My hand keeps shaking when taking pics atm, and i don't realise until I've uploaded them!!)

The pictures show the gradual increase of the shimmer pink base and the abundance of glitter.  I LOVE it!

Added a Leighton Denny "Crystal Finish" topcoat.....

Its very different to what i normally would pick, but i don't regret this one!

Definitely a perfect colour for Summer. Light, delicate, very pretty and a lovely scattering of glitter that when the sun hits it, makes it that little bit more special!

This one (surprise, surprise!) is staying here!!

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  1. that really is a pretty nail polish. What you could do is put a pale pink or nude polish inderneath and then teh gorgeous pink nightmare. Its what i do with some of my glittery polish and it works really well :)


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