Thursday, 4 April 2013

NOTD: Catherine Arley 673

I had a ton of polishes arrive in my post the last week (not complaining!! Love getting nail mail!), and was in a quandary at what to try out today.

I bought a couple of Catherine Arley's Holo polishes from a seller in Bulgaria on Ebay, and they arrived the other day, so i thought id give one of them a go today. The sun was shining - a perfect type of day for a holo polish!

Strangely, the Catherine Arley polishes don't have names, just numbers.  So the one i tried today was number 673 - a purple holo polish.

This is actually my first holo polish, and i got 2 for £8 delivered which i thought was a great price.  However, I'm not overly impressed with it - it might just be me, but I've looked at swatches of this colour (as you do before you buy any polish) and they looked great, but they don't seem to look the same on my nails.....

Wonder if you think the same?

Anyway, onto the application and polish itself.  I used a Mavala base coat this time, and applied 3 thin coats.  Not majorly thin as the first nail i did too thin a coat and as i didn't have enough polish on my brush i had to go over it again and as it dried quick (which clashes with the final coats results!) i had to take it off and start again. So thin, but not too thin a coat, if that makes sense!
I ended up applying 3 coats....

The first coat is still quite transparent and you can still see the white of my nail in the 2nd, and its only when i hit the 3rd coat were my nails completely opaque.

As its a holo, i took a picture of them inside (with the topcoat -Mavala again) and one outside to see if the sun really did make a massive difference....
And it did -the sun bounced off the polish making look really pretty and what i expected from a Holo polish.

Maybe i was expecting more from the polish after looking at swatches.  I don't know.  I'm sat in a pretty well lit room (still daylight) and the colour is so much more muted than when the sun is shining on it, so maybe this one is going in the pile for "Sunny Weather Only" use.

Also, total drying time seemed to take forever!  Ive had to do DIY jobbies on several of my nails as i dared to move them within half an hour of me applying the topcoat.  And i also sprayed on some "Nail polish Dry" spray, which normally does work quite quick, but not to this polish!

I guess for the bargain price i got it for, its an okay polish -I'm glad i didn't pay more as i think i would have been disappointed.

But like i say, it seems to come into its own when in the sunshine, so for days like that (the few and far between!) this is ideal.

Do you have this polish? Is it just me that felt a little let down by it? I keep reading reviews about how great it is, but i keep looking at them and thinking "meh".....

Sorry, i normally do NOTD and i love the polish I'm trying on, i think this is the first I've been disappointed with, but don't just take my word for it, there are so many reviews out there that are so positive, which is why i bought them, and i think again, everyone is different, so what i might like, you might hate and vice versa!

But it does go to show, that even though you think you've looked up a polish and did enough blog hopping to be convinced its a nice polish....sometimes its not the one for you!

Hoping my next NOTD will be better!!


  1. I like the colour, do you use basecoat or anything else as well? xx

  2. Hiya hun, yes i did -i mentioned it in the post -i used a mavala clear base coat and clear top coat. Didnt really make much of a difference :(



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