Thursday, 18 April 2013

NOTD: Butter London "Fairy Lights"

this looked such a pretty colour!  I had to have it!  I love Butter London polishes and this was on the list to get.

so today was its time to show me what it was capable of!

I have to say, it wasn't the easiest of polishes to work with -perhaps because of its metallic finish? With metallic finishes, you HAVE to have it smooth and no glitches as it shows up so easily.  I tried my best, and ill show you and say what i did and where i think next time i might change it slightly...

As usual, base coat - today was Seche, as i hoped it would help the metallic finish.
What was good about the Fairy Lights, was it only needed 2 coats to look completely covered.  Before i put this polish on my nails, i tried it on a plastic nail wheel.  The first coat was nice and smooth.  The second coat....not so much -almost a slight texture to it, and this is what happened on my nails too -I'm a little baffled by it, but it might be me just not applying it right.
At first i did thin coats but when i went over a bit on the nail i did, it caught and pulled it, so i started to do thicker coats, and trying to work from one side of the nail to the other quickly to avoid any catches, or streaks.  The thicker coats work alot better, but i still have a slight texture finish, which I'm not sure is supposed to be the final look.  However, the colour is really pretty!  This is the one & two coats:

The first nail i can see has a slight catch on the edge, more prominent in the 2nd coat.  It looks actually not as bad on the pictures as i thought it might!

I received in the post the other day a Nails Inc Corrector Pen (RRP £10), and thought this was a great chance to try it out as i did go over onto the skin on the sides -this pen is brilliant.  Its thin enough to run along the outside of the nail without it hitting the polish ON the nail, and made it look alot neater! Thank Goodness as i can be a bit messy with my Mani's sometimes!!

Instead of a plain top coat, i thought id add something with a little....more...just a little more!  I had Nails Inc Privileged and Models Own Jack Frost, and the Jack Frost looked better on the plastic nail, and so i added that. And i think it did lift it and added that little extra shimmer/glitter look, that i absolutely love!

So, yeah. Its a really pretty colour, i like it.  But when i look at my nails, it looks....a little scruffy, but I'm thinking it might be the way i put it on, so ill try it again one day and see if i can apply it a bit better!

This one is least until the next time i try it!!

Same day 11pm

I'm really not happy with the way this has applied on my nails.... I know its not the brand as i have other Butter London's and they''re brilliant, so i know its the way i applied it.
So tomorrow, ill be removing it, and either replacing it with the same, or going for something a little easier to apply on and doesn't need a firm hand, or  too much concentration!!
But i will return to this polish to do it again, as I'm sure its not being shown to its full potential by my polish job!


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