Friday, 5 April 2013

Nail Polish (personal) Challenge

Its obvious i have a massive love of Nail Polishes.  And i also have a massive collection...and ever growing..! And i am very impatient about getting them -if i want something, i want it NOW!   But i have to stop this!
However, as the previous post informs, i need to stop spending on the polishes i long for, and use the ones I've got.

This may not seem a challenge but trust me  - to me it is.

My idea here, is to use the polish for a full manicure.  Yes the polish may look pretty in the bottle, and it may look pretty on others nails, but it might not be the greatest colour for me and my nails.

This is where the de-stashing will come in.
All the colours i buy, are gorgeous.  I wouldn't buy anything that wasn't, because that would be just daft!  Sometimes though, they just don't suit YOU personally.
So those babies will be joining the others in the blog sale after I've done one full mani with them and decide i don't like.

However, when i do a NOTD that i love, that baby stays right here with me!!
I'm going to start with today's polish and take it from there!

Chances are i'm not going to be doing a fresh manicure every day, but there will be at least 2, maybe 3 a week that i'll be trying for the first time since ive bought it!

Wish Me Luck!!

5th April 2013 - Dollish Polish "It's Bigger On The Inside" -*STAYS*
11th April 2013 - Illamasqua "Speckled" -*STAYS*
16th April 2013 - Darling Diva "A Pink Nightmare" - *STAYS*
18th April 2013 - Butter London "Fairy Lights" -*STAYS* (for now!)
21st April 2013 - Lush Lacquer "Dreamsicles" -*STAYS*
23rd April 2013 - Dollish Polish" I <3 Nerds" -*STAYS*
26th April 2013 - Dollish Polish "Who Ever Heard of a Snozzberry?" *STAYS!*
28th April 2013 - Nfu-Oh 65 *STAYS*
29th April 2013 - Glitzology "Pixie Dust" *STAYS* **GONE**
30th April 2013 - Model's Own "Northern Lights" *STAYS*
2nd May 2013 - Nails Inc "Holly Place" *STAYS*
8th May 2013 - OPI "Blue Moon Lagoon" *STAYS*
9th May 2013 - OPI DS "Temptation" *STAYS*


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