Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nail Grab Bag #2

So! (i know i always seem to start my posts with "so" but it feels like a big sigh when i come to post and that's how its expressed!!)
I was lucky enough to find another kind person to do me a Nail Polish Grab Bag. This time they came direct from the good Ole USA!  Super quick posting (posted on the 25th March, and arrived today!! Gives our postage system that little bit more of a crappy name doesn't it!!) and Amber picked perfect colours for me!!

The polishes themselves!!

As Ive only just got them, i obviously haven't had time to try them, but was eager to show them to you. I had such a hard time trying to find swatches!! These are either elusive polishes, or discontinued, which WOW!! Means I've got great polishes i would never have been able to find now, unless someone was parting with them (like Amber!).  Ive tried to describe the polishes as well as i could, but sometimes pictures speak more than words, so the only way you'll see these in their full glory is when i do them as NOTD, or you're lucky to find them on the web!!

Onto the polishes......

Ok, the first one is Glitzology "Rhinestone Jumpsuit".  All i could find on info is that its made in mind with Elvis Presley - name kinda gives that away!!  It is a complete glitter fest!! The base is mainly small gold glitter and then surrounded by mutli coloured larger hexagons of glitter -looking forward to trying this -would be perfect for summer!!

Next up Glitzology "Heartbreak Motel".  Described on the Glitzology Etsy Shop as "another Elvis inspired polish! It contains a bright blue shimmer base with bright blue, pink, and lavender hexes, squares, and shreds along with holo pink hearts."
This is a fab colour, i love it!

Next Liquid Lacquer "Bitch Panties" -what a fab name!!!  Again, it was hard to find any info on this baby, but i love it!  Actually, i couldn't find anything on this one!  Its a hard one to describe the true colour too, but ill try! The main colour is a mix of grey/green/blue -a real mix, and depends on the light you're in!  it has small glitter in silver, pink and blue and slightly larger rounder pink and purple glitter.  It really is a unique colour, I've not seen one like this before!  Its not overly glittery, so might be a great one to wear on days.

Next up -OMG, i LOVE!! In the past, I've steered clear of pinks, and to be honest, i still do, but i love the quirky pinks -i think they're great polishes if you want some brightness on a dull day or for Summer Time!  This is from Once Upon A Polish and is called "Three Little Pigs"...even the name is fab!!  It is a pink and purple shimmer based polish, with nice big square chunks of pink glitter - i really, really like this one!! Might be my next NOTD!!

Amber then sent me a couple of Mini's too - i love mini's as it gives you a good few mani's and is a great way to try a colour if you're not sure whether to  get the big ones.  Again, Amber gave me great colours......

First is Pretty & Polished "Day Tripin'".

I first looked at this and thought it was a perfect purple colour polish.....but that's not all it is!! 

Its a colour changing polish! When it warms up on your nails it turns a pink colour!! So you have pink nails, but the tips of your nails (as long as they're over the fingertip) will stay this fab purple colour!!

I love surprise polishes!!!

The next Mini was by Amy's Nail Boutique and called "Soft Kitty". Cute picture of a kitty on the label.  I have to admit, this is the first time I've heard of this Indie maker, so going in with an open mind.

Amys Etsy Store describes this colour as "charcoal flakies in a clear base with multi-sized silver holo glitter. I added just a touch of pink flakie to this so that it gives off a faint pink flash when the light hits it! One of my favourites so far....this is gorgeous when layered over a gray polish!"

This is the only one i could find a swatch for, and comes direct from Amy's Etsy Store and is a link to it if you fancy a buy!

My second Nail Grab Bag.

Am i happy? HELL, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Beyond happy, i love them all, and am itching to try them....keep a look out for NOTD with these in them, as they wont be long from this post!!

What do you think? Good grab bag? Definitely better than the NI "Mystery Bag" which i bought a couple of months ago.  I only liked 2 of the 7 polishes they sent. 
So this was way way better, and once again proves that the commercial "mysteries" tend to be nowhere near as good as a mystery bag from a fellow beauty/nail aholic!

A MASSIVE and HUGE thank you to Amber for this brilliant Grab Bag.  Theres colours here, that i wouldn't even be able to get a hold of now, or even be delivered to the UK, so I'm over the moon!!


  1. Great idea, its a shame we can't post nail polishes from here via Royal Mail though xx

  2. Fab bag! Hopefully you'll enjoy your package from me too!


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