Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mystery Box Swap! #7

You cant move in Facebook Beauty circles without making acquaintances, "virtual friends", real friends, even people you don't get one with and to the extreme, enemies.

I'm pleased to say I've made a few "virtual friends" and they have turned into real life friends, who i enjoy chatting to everyday.

One of these friends is a girl called Clare.  We have done box swaps before and we just clicked as friends since then.
Last week, she said she was going to send me a box of goodies!  We hadn't arranged anything or talked about what we'd like, we just decided to do a bit of a mystery box swap!  No amount, no signals of what we'd like or want.....could be a disaster.....

Her box arrives safe and sound today, and i think she knows me pretty well now, as everything in the box, is absolutely perfect and definitely staying and being used!!

I LOVE this card, and i love what Clare wrote - gave me my much needed smile for the day!

ok, onto the box!

Jam packed piccie of things that i cannot wait to use!! I looked at the Solar "Glam Legs" and worried a bit, but it doesn't seem that dark, and may help me look less ghost like! (Trust me, I'm pale!!). The candle at the top smells heaven -relaxing (which i SO need to do!!). The hair items again, are perfect -i love the dry shampoo/conditioner range for my lazy days. Pantenes colour seal is a great little buy (I've had that before, and it makes my hair feel really soft, like its just been coloured). The Clynol big bottle on the right hand side at the bottom,  i cant wait to have a play with as its for blondes, and i have never actually tried something specifically for blondes, so happy! And a gorgeous hand cream (never have enough hand creams!!!).

And as she knows my weakness....

...two really nice polishes! A really cute baby pink Leighton Denny and a gorgeous Vampy look Sinful Colours...cannot wait to try those!!  A Maybelline mascara, and a No7 mineral powder (this one i cant wait to try as I've never actually tried mineral powders...i know how behind the times am i!!)

This one feels like a pamper piccie to me!  A soft pink flannel, some really nice fruity smelling Nip & Fab body butter, a Jergens moisturiser, 2 little bath bombs and eye make up remover pads! All so so usable, which you want in a box!!

I LOVE a cuppa.  Cannot function in the morning properly without a good big cup of hot milky tea.....

Can i just say PERFECT!! I love the mug -its big and chunky and PURPLE!!! My mum can testify that i always have a big mug as i love to sit and hold it and i always finish my tea! The little selection of fruit teas look fun! I tried one fruit tea yonks ago but i didn't like it -but the flavours were nothing like this, so these will definitely be tried!

And cos shes just a little gem, she put in some samples for me -and told me the compupeed plasters were "for if i get my shoes rubbing on holiday!!" Which knowing me, yup that will happen!!!

I'm a happy girl!
This box kinda came out of the blue! Clare just said to me one day "I'm going to send you a box" and i just went "OK, ill get one done for you too!"
That was it.  No budget, no likes/dislikes, just a mystery box...which could have been disastrous...but as we've talked so much, she kinda knows what i like and what i don't, and shes done me a perfect box!

I was a very happy girl when i got this this morning and looking at the pictures, it still makes me smile -and THAT is what a good box should do -and is my aim for the future boxes!!

Thank you so so much Clare - You're a little gem and i hope you like your box as much as i liked mine!!!


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