Friday, 5 April 2013

Holiday Count Down!

My mum is FAB. I love her completely and utterly, shes a nutcase, funny, loving, generous, and gives the best mum hugs EVER.  We're best friends, we're each others shoulder to cry on, moan, laugh, worry with and i LOVE IT!  We're more like sisters, seriously.  Shes a tiny 5ft4 and an annoying size 8 and looks amazing!  I hope i take after her....!  although the size 8 thing...probably not!

She came back into my life when we both needed each other desperately -we both had major events happen at pretty much the same time, and fate basically told us "you need each other now" and that was 2 years ago (we had parted company for 13 years....big mistake, but i was a kid..)...and anyway, we're making up for it now!

As i live in Northern Ireland (i moved here about 7 years ago) and shes on the Mainland, we spend most of our chats on Skype.  Its not the same and i miss her more than i imagined i could miss anyone.  Shes coming to visit tomorrow for a week and i cant wait.  I'm looking forward to the first mum hug when i go to get her from the airport!

Last year we spent our first holiday together in Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh.  It was brilliant being with her for 2 full weeks, having to do nothing but sleep, sunbath, drink, and.....drink...!

It went a bit awry when we both caught a tummy bug (mum more than me unfortunately) and mozzie bitten to death (again, mum -it used to be me cos they seem to hone in on paleys but apparently my medication made them go "yuck" and they went to the nearest blood mum!)....
The food was a bit crappy, but we had fun just being together....

What was great was the sun and the heat helped my M.E enormously.  I still had the pains and the tiredness, but nowhere near as much as i do in cold UK..wish i could move somewhere warmer all the time if it does this much help!

ANYWAY!!  We decided to do it again this year......and our destination....

More specifically a little area called Holguin (no14 -the light green area bit near the bottom!).  Havana would have been an interesting place to go and visit, as its easily the most famous area in Cuba, but looking where we will be, and how far away Havana is, it might not be do-able. But hey, never say never, right? 

Surprisingly it was cheaper than Egypt, and the reviews (both personal and online) have been fantastic about the hotel we're staying in, and the whole area around it.  I say cheaper, but its still taken me a long time to pay mum back for it, and i still haven't quite finished it!  But i was determined to be able to have a holiday with her again this year and to pay it as quick and best i could.

We've been on Trip Adviser looking at the good, the bad and the (very slight) ugly.  Pictures aplenty with gorgeous white sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, blue skies, gorgeous rooms and restaurants to try,a fantastically HUGE pool that would take you half an hour to go round it and just a great hotel in general, with plenty to do in its complex and plenty of excursions to try -which surprisingly Egypt lacked hugely.  This -we're looking forward to relaxing of course, but even sunbathing can get  boring if you do it day in day out, so excursions are welcomed!

My main plan - life long ambition -to swim with dolphins! I'll probably want to chicken out, as i hate having my head even slightly all the way under the water but i WONT because i would totally regret it if i did!

So I'm not going to put the exact dates as that would be leaving my door open and say "please Mr Nasty Selfish Prat of a burglar, here's my house all open for you" no....needless to say its not too far off in the near future.

So i need to start making lists, plans, and things to stop doing (ie, buying beauty products...namely nail polish!)....and this is as good a place as any!  I know to you it might be a tad boring, but with my memory -its great to have somewhere i can write and not lose it (cos I'm just a nightmare with that..i put things down and the next second i cant find it...!)

So, i think i only need 2 lists.  
This is also where you guys come in -as I've said, my memory is appalling, so ill probably not put something down, so if you can leave a comment with a suggestion to add, id be super grateful!

My countdown begins!!!!

  • Sunbed Sessions to get skin ready for the sun
  • Organise cat sitters!
  • Remember to take dogs to kennels the day before i get the ferry to the mainland!
  • Remember to take spider repellent plug (I've seen the size of those things!!)
  • Convert Currency -has to be done in the country!
  • Pack separate bag for ferry journey to mum!
  • To pack everything I'm gonna need for the holiday! (shoes, underwear (you be surprised!), dresses ( yup, a rare sight!)
  • Remember plugs, wires and batteries for everything (phone, kindle,camera and camcorder)
  • Get all medication for the entire time, letter from Doctor
  • Get injections (shudder) (begrudgingly done!)
  • Choose (and trust me this is hard!!) the nail polishes to take with!


  • Sun Tan Lotion (SPF, 30,20,10)
  • After Sun (got a couple of small bottles need to buy more
  • Mozzie Repellent
  • Plug in Mozzie Repellent
  • After Sting Spray
  • Swimming Costumes/Tankinis 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lots of Cat food and kitty litter to last while im away!
  • Ferry Ticket back!!
30th April 2013

oooh i feel on the ball at the moment!! Suitcase is slowly being packed up.....all things like shampoos, hair sprays, mozzie sprays, body sprays, perfumes -all ready in a bag!
Travel Insurance got!
Doing the sunbed sessions like a good girl and preparing my skin so i get a (hopefully!) faaaaaaaaaaaabulous tan!

.....and that is to be continued!!

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