Saturday, 27 April 2013

Glossybox April 2013

Ok, ok, ok......

So i caved!  I saw so many boxes this month that looked really good, and couldn't resist!  I thought id risk another GlossyBox.

The box i received, was actually pretty good!  Its not got some of the bits that I've seen others have, and would have loved, but it was well worth the £12.95 this time!  (not often i praise commercial boxes, but credit where credit is due!!)

The box itself was extremely pretty, designed by Pearl Lowe.

And opening it revealed the usual black tissue paper with a neatly tied pink bow and the "magazine" (which this time is a piece of stiff paper folded in 4, but it does the job i guess!)

Not sure what i was going to open up to, so still the usual deep breath...and although there was a lot more of the packaging than items, i was pleasantly surprised....

Not too shabby, right?

So individually......

I seem to have had a few of these from GB.  The first was a "way-hey" kind of moment, but now it feels like.."again? Really?".  But Dermalogica is a great make for a reason, so wont be wasted!
Full size is 75g for £40.30

Next... i do LOVE Nip&Fab.  I love body butters that aren't too heavy and so this fits the bill perfectly.
BUT I'm not a huge fan of coconut scented typically its the one i get!!
LOL! Never mind!
Full size is 200ml for £9.95

So yeah, you've read my blog, you know i LOVE nail polish! i LOVE Essie polish too!  Again, however, this is not *really* my colour - but again, its more of a personal preference that is the issue here and not the actual product!
If anyone got a GB with a different colour polish and wants to swap it, let me know!!
This one is "Cute As A Button"
Full Size (which this is) 13.5ml for £7.99

Next in the box a Lipcote Lipstick Sealer.  I'm happy with this one as i DO use Lipcote...yes i even get past the initial stinging to reap its effects!
No complaints here about this one!
Full size 7ml (which this is) for £3.99

And lastly.  A perfume sample.  But Hoorah!! Its not one of those teeny tiny vials or on a piece of cardboard!
The bottle is 5ml of Eau De Parfume "So Elixir Purple" by Yves Rocher.
It actually smells really nice too -not too over powering, a good size as a sample, so I'm happy with this one too!
Full size 50ml for £44


So I succumbed!  I saw boxes and boxes and i resisted and then i saw one on a blog and just went "right...gotta have one".
I'm not completely disappointed....I'm not I'm thinking "yeah, its an OK box".  The things that weren't right for me was mainly due to personal preference, but i cant knock the great brand names included in this one and the good sized samples.
I think i got a good value box for my money.
Whether it would make me part with £12.95 every month....still not convinced about that one, but like i say, when i see them doing a good box and nearly everyone has good things to say about it, i generally jump in afterwards!

Glossybox, you've earned some points!  But a long way to go to convince me to subscribe every month, but a good box, thank you.


  1. Atleast you got a dermalogica which is great!
    I got a balance me product and really unhappy.

  2. OOh good box hun xx


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