Monday, 1 April 2013

Feeling A Little Lost...A Rune Reading?

I wasn't sure where to put this as it could be classed as rambling, or it could be classed as me....decided to put it under me!

So, I've been feeling a little lost over the last few days....not sure what to do, not feeling settled, even though i AM technically settled  guess...i have a nice little house, my little furball family (2 dogs and 3 cats), and yeah, i have health problems, but nowadays, who doesn't?

Those who know me know my love of wolves, and do tend to think spiritually...not Church spiritually but possibly teetering on Wicca, maybe? I don't know, I've never looked further into what i believe.  But i guess that would probably be the closest to what my thoughts and feelings are.

I was tidying around, and came across a Runes set that i bought years ago, and never actually used  thought, why not?  I'm feeling lost, don't know what to think, why not try?
To read up on the history, what -not's and hows about runes WIKI is a great read.

So i read the booklet, put out the board, and picked 3 rune symbols out of the bag.
This is what i got faced with:

Reading the booklet, and what they mean, it was pretty spookily accurate...

You're meant to pick the runes out the bag with a thought/action in mind.  I feel lost, so i had in my mind "basically, is this it? What am i supposed to do?"....
The first one to come out the bag was "Ehwaz" Reversed.  This meant:

  • Movement that appears to be blocked
  • Be certain with what I'm doing or not doing is timey
  • Recognise that not all opportunities are open to me
  • Feeling at a loss, unclear about the need to act.  Consider what is timely to your nature...
In a nutshell" What is Yours Will Come To You".

Hmm. OK...onto the second rune which presented the "Challenge".  I pulled out the "Hagalaz".  And was told this meant:
  • Pressing need within the psyche to break free
  • Expect disruption
  • Coming to senses as though emerging from a deep sleep
  • The universe and your own soul are demanding you grow.
This rune is otherwise known as the "Great Awakener".  Apt.

Third and final rune was the "Fehu" reversed and this told me what action needed to be done.
  • Doubtful situations abundant
  • Opportunity to recognise where true nourishment lies
  • Considerable frustration
  • Falling short in efforts
In one sentence this rune meant "What do i need to learn from this in my life".

As a first self reading and interpretation, id say it hit the nail right on the head with the way I'm feeling.  i DO feel as though I'm awakening from a deep sleep, i AM feeling at a loss, and i know that alot of doors that are in front of me cant be opened for whatever reason....

Didn't give me much to go on in terms of how to address everything, but then again, i guess it cant be too accurate otherwise it wouldn't be able to be applied to different situations.

Would i do another reading? 
Actually yes, i would.  It was interesting, easy to do and a tiny part of me felt "yay! That's exactly how it is!".  I know these fall alongside Clairvoyants and Palm Readers and the such, so I'm not taking it too much to heart, but it was.....different, i guess.  Kinda weird to have it in line with what I'm thinking and feeling....
I think ill do another in a few days, and see what they say to me then i guess....

......Hmm..maybe this should have been under Rambling with the after thought!!!!


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