Sunday, 21 April 2013

Box Swap #6

This is a first for me.

I sent the box to my swappee -Roseanne, and was happy that id sent enough in the box.
but when i got hers.....
My jaw dropped, and i felt like i hadn't sent enough, so i gathered more items up, packaged them up and sent them on their merry way to join the rest of the box swap!

It is here i want to really say that Roseanne went way way WAY above and beyond the box swap limit, and i was flabbergasted and overjoyed by what she sent - hence the reason for me sending more!  Ive never felt so bad about a box swap before, but its given me alot of food for thought, and i wont make the same mistake twice!!

First off a huge, almighty, massive THANK YOU to Roseanne, whose box i am over the moon with.  So much thought, and effort and care went into it, and I'm still gobsmacked.  Wait till you see, and you'll see why I'm gobsmacked and why i sent more!!

First off, you know box swaps are always done with an agreed figure in mind. This time it was £35 - not too much and not too little and perfect to pick lots of bits up for.

The box arrived all safely packaged and in one piece (maybe cos Royal mail wasn't involved!! ;) )

The card was really cute and Roseanne left me a really nice note inside

The goodies in the box were all wrapped really nicely, and it really felt like Christmas!! I feel very very spoilt and again, i cannot express how much i love the whole box and am just blown away!!

ok, so as happy i was with the wrapping and the card, i think you want to see what was in was i! Happy, happy and happy!!!

Greeted me were these mega cute and mega gorgeous bunnies!!

Next, the main reason for a gorgeous scent to waft up as soon as i opened the box.....Yankee Candles, in gorgeous scents!

Onto the beauty items, which i have to say i love all of!!

First up a couple of perfume samples (which i love to have!) and a face mask (perfect for a pamper day!)

Nail items! Cant have a box swap without some nail items and i have to say, I'm really pleased with the Nail Art Stripe pens (I've never tried those!) and the MUA Fur nails, as I've been looking at them and uhmming and ahhing, s thank you Roseanne!!  I love the colour of the Maybelline polish too,perfect for summer (if we ever get it!!).

A fab mixture of beauty items here! I love dry shampoo, and is always a welcome addition for my lazy days! I'm still pretty much a lush virgin so the two items are great -the Sweetie Pie Jelly -i seriously wanted to get a spoon and eat it, it smelt and looked so much like blackcurrant jelly!!
I haven't tried the two S&G items either, so absolutely perfect!

i LOVE lip balms/glosses/lipsticks, so these were all unwrapped and cooed over!  i love the Sally Hansen one on the left and the two love hearts are mega cute!  The MUA one, again, one i haven't tried, and looks lovely!

Face beauty items!  I was over the moon with the Dr Jart+ BB Cream -i LOVE BB creams, and had tried the sample ones of these in a commercial beauty box and its brilliant!  The wipes are definitely up my street as its a nice easy way to clean your face and remove make up off at night!  Anything that makes tedious jobs easier is always a bonus!

Some hair items! I don't know if Roseanne knew, but the Toni & Guy Shine Spray is my ultimate favourite spray for after I've straightened my hair, so thank you!!  The two little shampoo and conditioners -probably coming with me on hols, as a perfect size!

I have to say, i think THIS is my favourite little bundle...mainly due to the Benefit "Perk Up Artist"...i squealed when i unwrapped that!! I had been eyeing it up for ages, and couldn't believe Roseanne had put it in, its amazing!!  The 17 Smokey eye palette is perfect for me as that's what i normally wear, and its lovely! A Murad primer, and MUA mascara and a So Susan palette...i think its clear why this is my fave bundle!! I cant wait to play with them!!

As an extra for me, which i was again, just gobsmacked by Roseannes thoughtfulness and generosity.  Its pretty well known I'm going on holibobs soon, and i got to the bottom of the box to find this little box that had been hidden:

When i opened it...again, there's no words to say how spoiled i feel and how lucky i feel that Roseanne did the box swap with me....All cutely individually wrapped again and compared to my wrapping -Roseanne you must be a pro!!

Check the goodies out:

I keep using gobsmacked, over the moon, speechless etc...but seriously there are no words to convey how much i loved this box and how much i thank Roseanne for it. Its not often I'm speechless, but each time i opened something else, my jaw dropped open that little bit further...

I think you can see why i felt i had to send her a few extra bits, i felt like my box was no where near as good as the one she sent me and i felt awful! But everyone who saw the box and knows me keep saying "it was fine, you always do good boxes" but to me, i couldn't even come close to what Roseanne had done...
I hope she will do another box swap with me, and make no mistake, I've learnt my lesson, and chances are anyone who gets a box swap from me from now on, I'm hoping to completely wow them....stuff the cost, i want the person to love the box, like i loved this on.
That's my new goal for box swaps!  I have one on the go, and i have been pretty much ignoring the amount and putting in anything i think the box swapper will like, and hope she will use!

Roseanne, seriously, you went way way and above and beyond what i expected, and i really do hope you'll do another box swap with me one day in the future, and to bear in mind, you've taught me to not look at the price, but to look at what someone would like and stuff the cost.....thank you for that, and thank you for the box.


  1. oh wow! what a fantastic box!! How amazing!!

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  3. Wow that's an awesome box, you must have been chuffed!
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