Tuesday, 2 April 2013

BOGOF March Birchbox

So i know i said I'm not a great fan of the commercial boxes, but where they do offers like these, its hard to say no!

I did this with a friend of mine, and we split the cost of the "Buy one, Get One Free" boxes, and when the first box arrived at my address i asked her if shed like this one, or the one that was going to come after.
She chose the first one, and seemed happy with the contents!

My box came today, and i always open them kinda worried.....i always expect to be disappointed - i think that comes from having so many boxes that I've had high hopes for being so appallingly bad.

This is not the greatest box I've had.
let me show you.

This is the whole box of contents.  For £7 its not too bad!   I think the chocolates make up for the sample sizes though...!

Anyway, to the individual items:

First, the most obvious -a little heart tin with 4  Lindt chocolate balls (ok, yum).  For a full size this would cost you £2.99 (no idea how big the full size is!)

Next...I'm SURE i got this in their last blog (...just going to peek...) OMG i did!! They put this in their February box as well...I'm guessing they had an abundance of it for them to give me another!
Anyway, the name is ludicrously long -Nick Chavez Beverley Hills Plump N'Thick Leave in Thickening Mist.  Kinda disappointed i got the same thing 2 months running.......:(

next (which i haven't had before!) is La Sultane De Sabe Body Lotion with Argan Oil.  Described on the card as "Inspired by the ancient beauty rituals of the Orient and Asia, La Sultane de Saba's body lotion sinks into the skin with ease, leaving a delicate scent. Divine".  Hmm..not much to go on there! But i will say it does smell really nice, kinda refreshing.  The Full size would be £26.50

Next out the box is a Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner. I do like Laura Geller's make up items, but sadly, i don't use eye liner, and i wouldn't use a purple one either :(  So not sure what will happen with this.  Described as "This smooth long-wearing gel eyeliner comes with a handy brush that makes it super-easy to apply. jojoba Oil and Vitamin E are among the skin loving ingredients". I have no doubt this would be a great item to get if you were an eye liner gal!  Full size price £24.50.

Then we get to the "real" sample sizes. The ones where only one squirt or one application is really possible.  Its these being put into the boxes that put me off them in the first place.  It even says on some "Not For Resale" but yet they're happy to charge us for it...go figure......

So anyway, first real sample size is the Molton Brown Valbonne Fragrance. This actually smells really really nice, and i wish the sample size was bigger!  Apparently Valbonne "combines notes of bergamot, dewy orange flavour, rose, vetiver and leather for a sophisticated scent that will take you from day to night". Not so sure about that -i squirted a spray on my wrist at about 6pm -its now 8.40pm and i cant smell it at all.  Disappointing, as i do love MB. The full size of this would set you back a whopping £65!

Next up was the Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream.  According to the info, "a bestseller in Japan since 1957, a comforting camphor scent that magically disappears about a minute after application, but leaves you with super soft skin". A full size would be £19.50.  I estimate one maybe two tries out of this tube.  I'm not sure what you can gauge from that small a sample as to whether its the one for you or not, but i will try it anyway!.

Lastly was a Sanctuary 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask.  I do like Sanctuary goodies, so this will defiantly be on my pamper day (whenever that might be,....!)  According to the little card, this "two-step process includes a Peptide Transformation Serum and a Thermal Rose Clay Mask - follow the simple steps to reveal glowing, more youthful skin".  Full size would be £27.50.

Seriously? In all honesty?

Not really happy with this box....and i have to say, i haven't heard alot of people saying different.  Apparently, in some boxes there was a mythical beauty blender that majority of us girlie's would have loved to try, but we don't know anyone who was lucky to get one.....

I gave them a chance last month as it was their first box, and i thought "ok, give you a go".  It was ok.  So getting this box, and it being only their second one......I doubt ill get it again.

Very disappointing.

Actually, one thing i wish Birchbox would do.....They send you a card full of information and how much the "full size" is, but not how BIG the full size is, so you have to do a lot of Google legwork to find that out.  I know alot of the other boxes include links where to buy them and how big the full size is, and you can work out roughly how much you've overpaid/got a bargain for!

Anyone happy with their March Birchbox?


  1. That does not look like a good box! I don't think birchbox have had a good one since they took over from Joliebox. I don't know anyone that got the beauty blender!! Hmmmm makes you think doesn't it!

  2. i know....i thought id give them a chance last month, their first box, and it wasnt too great, so when you get a BOGOF the bargain buyer in you goes "yaay"...
    ...but its only a bargain if youre gonna use it...and most of this...im not gonna use :(
    Thanks for popping by Lou!

  3. I know and also seem that did get the beauty blender. I have liked all the boxes so far.

    Kate - sparkle dust x

  4. Oh that is a bit crap, I would send an email to let me know what I think xx


  5. I never buy beauty boxes, I intended to see what seemed the best one and subscribe to it when I joined battle of the boxes, but never did see one I thought worth subscribing to. I did however buy this one as for £7 each I thought it was worth trying. I thought they would be nice extra's for a couple of family birthday gifts. I have to say that I thought they were OK TBH, for £7 though, not full price. I will be adding extras too them before giving them out and maybe taking one or two things out to give another time. I make up beauty boxes as part of the young female family members birthdays and Christmas gifts anyway and for the price I am quite happy to get these items.

    Overall, even at the half price I paid this box has not tempted me to buy any more. And I don't really get why people keep subscribing to beauty boxes when it seems 99% of the time people are disappointed.

    Angela x

  6. you know me lol i got the sponge and i love it! xx


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