Wednesday, 17 April 2013

April's Birchbox....TWO!!??

Heres the thing.  Last month, i said i wouldnt get the Birchbox again.
And i still stand by that.

However, Birchbox's system had different ideas and overruled my suspending of the account, and by the time i looked at the birchbox account it was too late to cancel it or stop it.  Not impressed!  So i suspended the account again.  Got an email confirmation of this.  Came back to the computer an hour or so later, and my account was ACTIVE again!!?? WTF!!??

So emailed Birchbox (which still comes up as Joliebox...) and was apologised to.  Told it was too late to stop the box, but theyd send me another one and refund this one and also send me an Editors Pick box (which was what i was looking at doing with a friend).  So two free April boxes, and an Editors Pick box later in the month.
I was assured the suspension on my account would stay there...but i havent checked...but will in a moment...!

Anyway, the April Boxes arrived yesterday.  I have to say, if i paid for them, i would have been a little miffed...this is the 3rd box in a row that ive had from Birchbox (which overtook Joliebox in January 2013, so this was all but the first of their box efforts)...theyre just not that great for me, personally anyway.

Anyway..onto the boxes.  There were duplicates, so ill list the first box, and any changes in the second ill put down as well.

The first box:

Good sized samples and 6 of them, which is pretty good.  However, look deeper, and not so much....

First item was an item called "La Societe Parisienne De Savons" - basically Soap. A posh one though.  Described on the card as "fresh scents characterise these soaps and -bonus- the retro packaging will look fab in your bathroom!" (Full size £8.50...also this is quite a normal sized soap, so is this the full size? Still a bit steep for a soap, but i dont know soaps so dont know if this one is special or not!).
Personally, i dont use soap.  I use cleansers, toners, face scrubs, but not soaps.  So it will be just a pretty thing to add to my cluttered shelves! the scent is realyl strong when you open the box....and it any other normal sopa does.  Like washing powder i think!

Next, a 3ml sample tube of Gerda Spillmann Renaissance Age Serum.  Information says that "keep up your youthful appearance this spring with theis antioxidant-enriched hero serum.  Add it to your routine for fresh, supple skin for all ages" (full size £69). not much else to say!  This will be on its merry way to my mum!

Item number 3 was Weleda Skin Food.  I think the boxes must have shares in Weleda, as they do seem to be a regular brand (pretty much like Balance Me went through a phase of being in every box in some way or other). This was an all over moisturiser for Dry and Rough Skin and is 10ml (full size 75ml

Up next a Mireness Glossy Kiss which the card claims "add a pop of subtle colour with this sheer-but-buildable lip stick. Once youve worn youre sample down, just use a sharpener to refresh!" (Full size £17.50).  Ill be honest i looked at the colour and kinda cringed, but after putting a bit onto the back of my hand and smudging it, its not that bad -it can be used as a lighter colour , and then if you wanted a darker colour, just add more on -pretty much like it said.  I think ive finally found something i like and suits me from one of the birchboxes!! yay!!! LOL!! Its shade is 14 -First Kiss

Last item in the box is a Green & Spring Relaxing Conditioner 50ml.  The blurb for this says "this gentle product uses rosemary and lavender to rebalance while the grapefruit promotes shine and aloe vera nourishes - ideal for everyday use." (Full size £16.00). This is probably more of a personal preference...but the scent is kinda "woah"...very very strong, and im not a huge fan of lavender, and mixed with rosemary....? who knows it could be a great conditioner, and i guess i will give it a go, as its a good sized sample, and the bottle is pretty!!

As an extra a mirror was included - its full title being" Paname Paris mirror" and apparently a full size would be £7.50.  Its very pretty and has on the one side "Let The Sunshine In" in a pretty pink colour, and the mirror on the reverse....but i have to ask...£7.50? Mmm.....

Ok, so first box done!

The second one looked like this:

Recognise a few things? Yup, me too!

The second oneincluded the same mirror,Weleda Skin Food and Gerda Spillmann Serum and  another Mirenesse Glossy kiss (although this time it was in a little cardboard container, like this:
so not sure where the one from the first box disappeared to, but this card had alot of info on it, and even said it can be used as a cheek stain! i wouldnt have known this without the card, so thats handy!

Ok, slightly different was the soap. The same Info, but a slightly different style of soap.  Still a very strong scent of washing powder, so im thinking the same soap in a different box! Prettier box this time though!

Also different in this box was a tube of Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser which the card reads "an effective wash which omits traditional lathering chemicals to prevent skin feeling taut and dry" (Full size £6.80). This may come on holiday with me, as its 20ml and would be a good way to get the sun creams and make up off at a night time!

So -that was it.  Two April Boxes, pretty similar, and still hasnt made me rush to buy a 6 month subscription.....or even a one month subscription.
Ive had i think 3 boxes from Birchbox since they took over Joliebox (i missed the January 2013 one), and even though the first box i had wasnt much, i did the 2nd one as i did a BOGOF with a friend and now this one, due to a cock up with Birchboxes system.

I dont know...maybe im expecting more than i should be? Some of the items they give are alot better than several boxes i used to sub to, but still not making me go "wow, i need to keep getting these boxes every month!".

Is it just me? Id like to know if youve been happy with Birchboxes first few boxes? Whether it has made you more or less inclined to buy them? Do you get the same disheartened feeling i do when i open a box? I literally sit and look at them before i open them, knowing the chances of me being disappointed is high....and nearly always right, sadly.  birchbox keep doing offers, like BOGOF, get one half price, Free maybe they DO realise they need to do something to keep us beauty lovers interested in their boxes...but its only a bargain if you get items you're going to use, and most of the time, for me...not so much....:(


  1. Its a bit like KFC... I found a hair in a wrap, complained, so they sent me vouchers to spend at KFC...!! so why if you have cancelled something would you want more of them? Odd.. xx

  2. ewwwww!! Thats pretty gross!
    I think its only thing they can really do. Its like when something goes missing in royal mail, they send you stamps....!
    Strange company policies these days...!!


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