Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Trying for the Company Blogger Award.....


I might be biting off way more than i can chew, but i thought id give this a try.

Its basically recognising blogs and their bloggers and contents in different areas.

The one i would like to be nominated for is the category of "Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer, sponsored by New Look
(blog must be less than a year old)".

I'm not sure ill get anywhere, but i don't know if i don't try, so any help to get my little blog up there would be gratefully received!!

All you have to do is click through here:

And nominate me in for the above award....and that's it as far as i can see!  If you have friends that have seen my blog, or you've told them about me i would love to have another vote there!

I know i only have 46 followers on the GFC but since i first started this blog on the 1st January 2013, I've had nearly 7,500 page views (and no it doesn't include the visits i do -these are genuine visitors, who just haven't signed up for whatever reason, but like to read what i write, which i actually appreciate! Would rather have more people reading and less numbers, than high numbers and less people reading!!

So, if you can me out here, i would be mega grateful, and would really appreciate it!!
Please pass the word if you can...who knows, maybe my little blog here might make us all surprised!!!

Any help i would totally love!!!

UPDATE 23rd APRIL 2013

Thank you to anyone who voted for me, but as i originally thought, it was a long shot and sadly i didnt make the cut, but massive congrats to those who did -it was a tough competition, and im just a little fish! Maybe next year ;) xx


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