Sunday, 3 March 2013

The First BirchBox

Joliebox is no more.  They joined with Birchbox in September 2012, but kept the Joliebox name until February when they changed it to Birchbox.
At £10 per month plus postage its now one of the cheaper boxes per month, but is it worth it now? Has it changed?

Well, first of all the box that holds the items seems to have simplified, but to me it just looks like a cardboard box. The Jolieboxes used to be patterned and pretty, but this holds no personality to me....but cant judge a book by it's cover, so going inside the box....

The bag that usually held Joliebox items is still present, but instead of the black has changed to a neon pink colour with BIRCHBOX written on it. Actually contrasts well with the Cardboard looking box.

As with all boxes, it has the usual card explaining what the items are and the cost of full sizes....

And finally the contents......

This being the first Birchbox, I'm not sure if this is an impressive box or not. Yes it has full sized items, and they're all following on the French theme, like the Joliebox...but i cant really use the two items id like to use due to their dark colour and my pale skin, but that's more of a personal opinion than a general consensus kind of thought on the box itself!

Ok, so what is each item?

This picture has 2 of the items. On the left is a 50ml bottle of Vichy Eau Thermale. Hmm. If i didn't have the card telling me what it is, i would be mystified....On the bottle the only bit in English says "Thermal spa water vichy source rich in rare minerals -soothing and fortifying"... Any guesses? no me neither, the spray
doesn't even have a scent so that doesn't help. But the card says this.."Soothing and regenerating, this multi purpose product is naturally enriched with 15 minerals and 13 trace elements. It can be used as a toner, to set make up or as a refreshing boost". Still, i go..huh.  I guess this has to be tried to be seen if it does the 3 jobs it states! Full size would be £7 (don't know the size as not stated in the Birchbox).

Next to the Vichy is Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump N'Thick Leave In Thickening Mist.  Anyone know of a longer title for a product?? This is a 59ml bottle and the full size would cost £13.90. I'm guessing that Volumised hair is the "in" way to style this year, as this is the second box Ive had with volumising hair products!

Next up is the FRESH Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment. This must be a sample size as its quite small and they say the full size costs £15.50. According to Birchbox, "Beauty Editors love this delicious treatment, which keeps lips flake free and soft."  Another one that must be tried to be seen!

I think its a prerequisite of the Beauty Boxes to have and Eyelash Curler in at least one of its boxes with the brand engraved onto it. Apparently you can "get a wide eyed, catwalk-worthy gaze with the help of these...and be amazed at the difference it makes"....I know I'm sounding cynical...but hmm, again! And apparently these retail at £10

This little sachet is called EBOOST -a natural energy booster. 20 sachets of this would set you back £20.99.
Ive had boxes with sachets and vitamin tablets in before, and i don't know what it is, but i cant bring myself to use them.

Would like to know if anyone has tried this one, and if they felt more energetic after it!?

 The last item in the box, would have been something i would have loved to use and try,, its much too dark for my ghostly complexion!
This is a Bio-Fond Cream Foundation from a brand called Gerda Spillmann.
Its a lovely texture and apparently sets to a powder finish. It has a little mirror in the top part, and a mini application pad underneath so you can easily use it on travels.

As i said, i would have loved to try it, but the shade i got is called "Praline" and even though it isn't totally dark, its too dark for me.
The full size cost is £20.

So.....overall opinion.....
Yes I've had much worse boxes. But I've also had better ones. These type of boxes are very hit and miss with getting it right, and i imagine its hard to please all of the people all of the time.

What i find odd, is that when you have an account, you actually tell them your beauty requirements -what kind of skin you have, hair, facial type, even what kind of perfume you like, but yet, you always seem to get the wrong colours, so i don't think those surveys have a point as they don't seem to read them, or acknowledge them - especially when you keep getting clearly the wrong shade for your type!

Would i subscribe on a monthly basis? I have to say no. I might get the odd one when its known to be a good box, and yes i know that's really not the right way to do it, but why pay for something you have a 50/50 chance of liking or not..? Why not, as i do regularly, do a box swap with a fellow beauty lover, and get items you CAN use for the same subscription price?

Just a thought.....!

Sorry Birchbox, but your first box hasn't left me running to your website to get more surprise boxes. I do hope the company listens to the subscribers.  This would stand them apart from the rest, and maybe be a continuous successful box?

We just have to wait and see!


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