Sunday, 31 March 2013

Oats, Honey and Milk Face Mask


SO, i said i was going to a DIY section, so here we go!

Typically i choose a day when everywhere is shut so had to find something that i had all the ingredients in the took a while to find one as I'm not a cook (far from it), so this is a pretty simple face mask, for combination skin.

All you need is:
2 tablespoons of Rolled Oats
1 tablespoon Honey
1 tablespoon Milk

To make the mask:
1. Pulverise the oats so they look more like a dust.
2. Put the honey and milk into a bowl.
3. Stir in the oats.

That's it! How easy!  Although i think i forgot the last instruction in my mask:
4. Stir into a whipped creamy texture.....

Why Oats?

Oats are not only nourishing, but they are also softening by being an exfoliant.
They are rich in saponins, which have an emollient effect on the skin. Oats are beneficial for improving your complexion!
It also has oodles of Vitamin E in its raw form, and any Vitamin E is good for your body and skin.

Oatmeal facial mask is the best face cleanser. It opens up the skin pores and flushes out dirt. This mask is suitable for all skin types, It can be used to treat mild skin irritations.  
For people with dry skin, this face mask can be tried to obtain smooth skin.
It also treats itching and is known for anti-inflammatory properties

Why Honey?

It has an unending supply of antioxidants and vitamins. The humectant properties of honey are actually mind blowing.  They draw the moisture into your skin, so combine that with honey’s antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, and you’ve got the most soft and clean skin.

It is a great acne fighter due to its antimicrobial power which helps make your skin clean and clear.  Used over time it has shown to help keep those nasty spots at cool!

Honey actually has myriad antioxidants that neutralise the free radicals that are responsible for signs of ageing, so is great for helping prevent ageing.  

Apparently Cleopatra bathed in honey and milk baths, and she is one of the worlds renowned natural beauties!

Why Milk?

Milk contains lactic acid and what this does is act as a gentle exfoliater, removing dead outer skin cells and helping reveal new soft ones. Milk also soothes the skin and is very gentle. 

Milk regulates cellular metabolism, activates proteins synthesis, anti oxidant enhanced for smooth skin appearance. Add in the extra fact that it stimulates the synthesis of anchoring molecules such as collagen....and you’ll have a great foundation for creams!

So onto the mask making!  Takes literally 5 minutes.  What takes the time is bashing the oats (but think of someone you'd like to hit and let rip, and probably wont take as long....depending on your level of hate!!).  

What i don't think i did was mix it to a "whipped creamy texture".  I only mixed for about 30 seconds, so i got this lumpy mix.  But having said that, although it was a bit hard to make it stick on the skin (i ended up adding a little bit more honey), it seemed to do its job fine.....if you don't mind looking like you have Freddy Kruger's face for 15 minutes...!!

(WARNING: Not a pretty Picture!!!!)

Ok, so on for 15 minutes......

I'm really not sure if the oats would have been able to make the mix smooth, but ill try next time....but like i say, i don't think it made a huge difference in the way the mask would work.  It all stayed on (so no dripping oatmeal anywhere!!)

To get the oatmeal mask off, it does take a few scrubs of a damp flannel, but nothing too difficult, the warm water helps the honey loosen and obviously makes the oats a bits softer and therefore easier to get off!

So? Was it worth it?

For something that has so few ingredients that can do so much for your skin?

ABSOLUTELY!!! For next to nothing, you get a mask that has three fantastic ingredients that can only do good to your skin.  I really did feel like my skin was  alot smoother afterwards, so its definitely done something good! I have combination skin, and it made my whole face actually feel quite even, no dryness, no oily patches, everywhere was smooth! How cool!

Something you can do in the mornings while boiling the kettle and wear it while enjoying you're having your first cup of tea (or coffee!) and just rinse off before you moisturise and add make up....i cant think of any bad sides! (apart from obviously, its not exactly attractive sat with bits of oats on your face, but hey, for 15 minutes in the morning when no one really sees you, its definitely a do-er!)
Have a go!  Id love to know what your thoughts are about it too, if you've tried it in the past, or if this is your first bash (its my first go at anything like this, and I'm gobsmacked already!)

I think  this one is going into my weekly things to do (probably on a Sunday, like today).

i cant wait to try the next DIY beauty tip i find!!

Dr Granny
Crunchy Betty


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