Saturday, 30 March 2013

NOTD: Sparkles By Julie "Out of This World"

So i had a complete happy post day when alot of nail polish that i ordered all came in one day!!  Felt like Christmas, and i didn't know where to start..look!!

Yup....all in one day.....bliss, but i had to ask advice on which one to have today!!
And the NOTD is this one!

I stumbled across "Sparkles by Julie" on a Facebook Indie Nail Polish site, and she was having a sale due to moving, so i snapped up four of the gorgeous colours at great prices before the shop shut.  It still has a few left in her Etsy shop, but not many, I'm glad i got what i did when i did as its unsure if any more polishes are going to be made, which is kinda sad, as they're pretty awesome.  Ive swatched the ones i got on my little plastic wheel, and they are great colours.  MeiMei Sgnatures seem to have some still in stock

Ok, so today's is called "Out of This World" (Its too long to keep writing the full name, so from now it will be referred to as OotW!). As is becoming the norm with indie Polishes, SBJ are all 3 free, so no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde.  All of the colours were made in small batches so each batch may be slightly different, which i kinda like!

OotW is described as shifting from dark-purple to light blue, with a light blue shimmer that makes this  seem to glow.  Which is pretty accurate.
I love the colour and i love the shimmer, but it was one of the harder polishes to apply.  I found doing slightly thicker coats made it a bit easier, as thin coats tended to dry quite quickly and when you were trying to cover the whole nail, it made it difficult to go over as it would snag and pull up. So not too thinner coats, and try to make it so you don't have to go over the nail again and again.

I put three coats on, but to be honest with you, i preferred it with two, as each coat was thicker than usual. Also, again, apologies i seem to always go over the nail somewhere as hard as i try not to! Getting better at not doing it so often though...!

I think you can see a difference between each coat, and i do still prefer it with the 3 coats. Oh well, trial and error!!

As this was a shimmer polish, i thought a picture of it in the outside might show its true potential, but, typically, the sun has done its 3hours work this morning, and decided to go home and so it was rather overcast!  You can also see a dint in my ring finger coverage...i actually have no idea where that came from, but i always seem to decide to do my nails when things need to be done afterwards, so it was probably me opening a can of dog food while it was still slightly wet! So apologies for that!! Ive also applied a Seche Top Coat.

but you CAN still see the shimmer more clearly in the Outside picture, i think.

I love purple. I love blue. I love shimmer. I love Nail Polish. Put all four together, and I'm a happy girl!

I do like this polish alot, and its definitely one that stays, and one for me to perfect applying with!  I'm also thinking it would look brilliant for my holidays in the sun, so may well come on travels with me!

Having swatched the other colours i got, its easy for me to say, i like Sparkles By Julie polishes, and its a real shame that shop is shut, but hopefully, one day it may re-open, and i think ill be among the first to be waiting outside the (Internet!) door!


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