Wednesday, 13 March 2013

NOTD: Pixie Polish Darden Garden Plum

Its been a while since Ive posted anything, let alone a NOTD, due to being a little bit poorly, but today, i got some lovely nail mail and thought id try one out!

First off, please excuse the unneatness -have a shaky hand still, but had to try this colour out.

For those who haven't heard of "Pixie Polish" its among the boom of polishes that is known as "Franken Polishes" or "Indie".  These are made mainly from nail polish addicts who have taken their love that one step.  There are a ton of these new brands -there's Jindie, Lush Lacquer, Gliztology, Enchanted, Hare, Dollish Polish...the list really changed and grows by the week.

Since discovering these types of polishes, my collection has grown (sorry mum!), with colours that are unique and absolutely drool worthy.
My wishlist is comprised mainly of Franken Polishes!!

So on to the polish! This is the first time I've actually heard of Pixie Polish, and its obviously my first bottle. Having used it, i don't think its going to be my last....
Information on this colour itself and the ins and outs of the product can be found here. Its free from the Big 3 chemical - No Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde or even Pthalates whenever possible!

This is advertised to be  a one coat use -and it does look really good with just one coat, but i wanted a more intense cover, and so i put 2 coats on and added a top coat.

I loved the colour straight away -a gorgeous purple plum colour with a brilliant holo effect, that shimmers  fantastically when held to the light.

This is with 2 coats but no top coat -you can see its a great colour and coverage (again, apologies for the slight messiness of the nails, i tried very hard not to go over as dark colours always seem more noticeable if that happens!!!).

The brush is long and thin.
i actually like the fact its thin as i have more control over how close to the edge of the nail base i have.
There are polishes with thick brushes which i find suits paler, lighter colours.
When it comes to darker ones, i think the thinner one makes it a bit easier to not go onto the finger!

This is the final look.
The top coat (seche) adds an extra shimmer (which i always love) and you can still see the holo being caught by the light.

There's not much i can say negatively about the polish.
It went on really well, good coverage, the brush is perfect sizing for the colour,the colour is gorgeous.
The only test that has to be done, is how well it stays on, and only time will tell me that...and when that happens, ill be sure to update this post!

in the meantime, i cant stop looking at the pretty colour!!

A brilliant polish that stays on really well for at least 5 days with no chips -very impressed.
The colour stayed vibrant, and i only removed it when it started to look a little untidy -so about 6 or 7 days after i put it on.
I LOVE this polish and colour.  I havent any other of the brand, but ill keep an eye out, and hope the staying power and vibrant colour is a constant through the brand :)

If you want to find more about the owner of Pixie Polishes you can find her details and story here - Pixie Polish
And on Facebook -


  1. oooh very nice! i really like purple polishes :D

  2. Me too!! I can't seem to stop gathering more purples as I love the colour (well even my blog is purple!!! Lol)
    Thanks for stopping by Hun xxxx

  3. i meant to add that! It was really really good no chips for at least 5 days with it. I only removed it when it started to get a bit untidy.
    Brilliant polish :)
    Love it xx

  4. Thank you so much. 5 days is acceptable wear time. I'm very hard on polish and my hands as well and I try to make the polish last at least 5 days before a fail. I've had some hand combos last over 2 weeks tho and grow out before I removed them. The six month linear holo toes was too much tho, LOL! I wish I was exaggerating. I have had two tests done now and six months a pedicure has been repeated twice. I was soo bored of the polish! Each polish is different and DGP either endures like no ones business or has tipwear in three days. I think it is wholly based on chemicals and soaps and such as well as what a person does with their hands. I demand a tough polish due to health reasons and make sure mine has been seriously stress-tested before I list it on Etsy. Am glad you enjoyed my art.

  5. omg, youre Pixie of the polishes! I didnt realise, i should have put 2 + 2 together but didnt!
    Wow, thank you for stopping by.
    I LOVED this colour, i seriously couldnt stop staring at it evertime my hands were in eye sight!

    Ahhh a fellow ME sufferer too -kinda sucks doesnt it!
    Id love to make nail polishes, so the whole new Indie or "Franken" polishes, however you wanna phrase it really interests me, and im flabberghasted by the colours you guys do!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! xx


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