Monday, 25 March 2013

NOTD: Dollish Polish "Dark Elf"

So, according to the calendar, its supposed to be spring -despite what us in the UK have been subjected to in the past few days...howling winds, snow blizzards and horribly perishing cold weather!

I love my dark colours, but like i say, its meant to be Spring, so am checking out my lighter colours!  And i guess with this dismal weather a bit of brightness wouldn't hurt!
After much deliberation , i decided to paint my nails with Dollish Polish's "Dark Elf" which was a recent buy from a fellow nail polish addict.  As is the case with the majority of DP's they sell out super quick, but if you're lucky to catch them while they're in stock, then it would cost you a fab $8.75 at the Dollish polish Online store.

To quote the description from Dollish polish store, this colour is:
"Inspired by World Of Warcraft, Dark Elf,, also known as Night elves, is a densely packed Fuchsia jelly with purple glitter & accented with dark gold glitter, this shade is opaque on it's own."

This was a strange one! After seeing it on DP store, the swatch showed it in 2 different shades:

There is quite a difference in colour between these two pictures as you can see.  And what makes it more confusing, is niether really show the true colour of Dark Elf!

But, if you looked at the actual bottle, and the picture Dolly put up of what a swatch would look like, you would see these:

These last two pictures are more accurate to what to expect of the Dark Elf polish.
Infact, when you look at my own nails below its actually a brighter pink base, which was a pleasant surprise!

So, of course a base used (this time Mavala) and i decided to add 3 coats.  And there is a slight difference to each coat as i hope this photos can show!

The base colour got brighter with each coat.  One coat would be able to be worn quite easily, but although it did cover the nails well, it was quite a pale pink colour, and i wanted something a bit brighter and vibrant, which i think the 3 coats achieved easily!

As always, i added a top coat (Seche this time) and it seals it well and takes nothing away from the vibrant colour and glitter.
For extra protection, as i wanted this colour to last as long as possible, i added a thin layer of OPI ChipSkip, and hope it holds up to its name!!

After all the coats of colour and protection,  this is what my nails look like....

If I'm honest, the pictures actually don't show just how cool the pink looks! Its much more brighter and much more prettier in the flesh!

Although i was expecting more of a purple colour as i only looked at the swatch that i first posted, I'm nowhere near disappointed, in fact, the total opposite!
I have a lot of purples, but not many of this gorgeous no, I'm not disappointed that it wasn't purple!

Again, ill try to remember to update to say how well it lasts through the days, but I'm hoping it will be a while as i LOVE it!!!

What do you think?
Good colour for Spring/Summer?


  1. These are really lovely colours and like you I am still wanting my dark comfortable colours xx

  2. hiya hun, this is a great polish and has flecks of my beloved purple among the bright pink...i can live with that!!! ;) x

  3. I love the darker shades but always end up getting safe with pastal colours. Should wear more like these :)


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