Friday, 15 March 2013

Nail Polish Grab Bag

So we all know about the Beauty boxes.
But did you know you could get a surprise nail polish "grab bag"? Yes, it costs probably double the price, depending on where you buy them from, but wow, are they worth it!!

I did my first Grab bag and they arrived today. I arranged it so i would get the "Indie" styles that im now a massive fan of.  I got 5 bottles and it cost me £20 which i thought was a great price, and i knew id like the polishes as i told the seller what colours i liked and what i didnt!
And i was right -i LOVE them, and i have to say a huge thanks to Kelly for doing it for me and for sending me fantastic colours!
These were the ones i got:


From Left to Right, these are:
Glitzology "Priscilla", AEngland "Lady of The Lake", Pretty & Polished "dolli-pop", Candeo "Voodoo" and Pretty & Polished "Eye Candy.  The picture doesnt show them in theyre true beauty, so i scoured for a few swatches to show you just how nice they are!

Glitzology -Priscilla:
"Priscilla consists of a pale violet shimmer base with pastel pink and purple glitters, hexes, and squares in a variety of sizes."

AEngland "Lady of The Lake"

"dusky purple with rainbow glimmer and glow"

Pretty & Polished "Dolli-Pop"
"Dolli-Pop is a gorgeous blue to purple color changing polish with a brilliant blue sparkle. 
It will usually be purple in the bottle (unless you leave it in the heat) and will begin to change to a blue shade on your nails. If your nails are long the tips will sometimes retain the dark purple color. Your nails will turn blue under hot water and purple under cold water. They will sometimes be purple just from holding a cold drink or being in a cold building!"
(WOW -i didnt know this about the polish until i looked it up, i thought it was just a fab purple base...cant wait to try this one!!!)

Candeo "Voodoo"
"has a clear base with small gunmetal, medium gold and gunmetal hexes.  Small and large purple matte hexes are in the mix as well."

Pretty & Polished "Eye Candy"
Hmm -this one i cannot find ANYWHERE!! All i can tell you is its now discontinued.  It is a gorgeous light turqouise colour with a shimmer with little  dark dots in the mix.  Its a really unusual colour and one i cant even find a dupe close to it!

There you go!  As a nail polish addict, i was more thrilled and excited at getting a surprise Grab bag than i was at getting the Beauty Boxes in the post.
Again, i say a massive thanks to Kelly for picking such fantastic colours for me, and i have to say, ill probably be paying another visit to her in the near future!!


  1. Heheheee, i just asked on the nail pages for someone to do me a grab bag, and this kind person did and sent me these, im really chuffed with them!!

    I LOVE the priscilla too -thats going to be going on my holiday that one!!

    Thanks for stopping by girls!!


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