Friday, 22 March 2013

My Mum Knows Me so Well....!!

 So, ok, over the last few months i have discovered "Franken", or "indie" or "homemade" nail polishes, which ever you term you want to use.  They're completely different to the mainstream polishes and some are just jawdroppingly gorgeous.
Me having the new button picture to the right of the blog is very true...(that would be this one....: 

So, yeah, my collection has grown somewhat!

I skype with my mum everyday (she lives on the mainland and I'm in NI), and was saying how i needed to get a beauty box or something to put my ever growing collection in as they were starting to take over my sideboard!!
I was uhmming and ahhing over boxes and drawers and never quite got to the point where id buy it, thinking ill buy one another time....

So mum says to me at the beginning of the week "oh, I've ordered you an Easter present, and it should come on Thursday or Friday"....not to be swayed into giving me any hints, she tells me its only small but would come in a big box and it was fragile....Hmm.....
Whats was worse...everyday shed keep saying "ooh your Easter present should come soon" and expect me to leave it at that without a good few questions to try and ferret out of her what shed got me...but if nothing , my mum is a stubborn woman (hereditary...), and wouldn't budge on the subject, but continued to play scold me when i showed her my newest polish!

Today (that would be the Friday!), the "big box with something small and fragile" arrived with a very windswept and snowed on delivery guy, wearing a deerstalker hat, scarf, gloves...the whole winter outfit (well, to be honest, i don't blame him...Mother Nature has decided we need more snow, wind and coldness all in 2 days and that was that).

Big box open.......BIG SILVER BEAUTY BOX inside!!!! Happy days!!!!

Worryingly, it didn't take me long to fill with my "overflow" of goodies.....
And no, to the left isn't the total space i filled....peek below.....!

 *sigh* happiness is my box of nail polish and goodies!!!

Im thinking i should just add a wee point here and say, no of course not ALL my polishes fitted in!! I have 3 ROO beauty bags with 20 in each, and i also have the OPI's mini boxsets that have a shelf of their own...

But having a box is better than having all this:

I want to say a massive thanks to my mum who although laughs at my addiction and says "you should be saving that money for your holiday", knows its my one and only thing i spend on and happily buys me a box to keep them all in one place for....!
And here i say loudly, proudly and very publicly....


  1. Oh Claire what a lovely girl you are. No wonder your Mum likes to treat you, you are a genuinely sweet person and a daughter to be proud of, and of course your Mum must be awesome too, she made you didn't she?
    Angela xx

    PS this is the nicest post I have read for a long time x

  2. What a great present!! :)

  3. thanks guys :)
    Angela, your post made me shed tears, thank you so much for such nice words!! <3


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