Friday, 1 March 2013

My Luxbox Competition Prize!

Yaaaay!! My luck sucks normally, but for one day in February it went my way and after entering a blog competition from the lovely Lou at LouLovesBeauty blog.
I don't think I've ever had a Luxbox before, but then again, my memory is appalling, but i remember having the SheSaid boxes before they ended, and of course Glossybox, Ive had a Joliebox.....and i had the first Birchbox (to be written up!), but Luxbox doesn't ring a bell... But if what Lou put in the box, was just from Lux and not added to -they look fab boxes, but i think Lou was being her kind and generous self and added a couple of other bits to it!!

So first off a really sweet touch was a card from Lou......

...really it should have been me sending Lou a Thank you card, but it brought a big smile (its always the small things that make me smile!).

Opening up the box......
 The prerequisite "whats in the box" leaflet. I find these are really helpful. It describes the products, and tells you the cost of the full size.

So this is the box in its full and fab does this look!!

SO, the usual run though.....!
This picture has a B-Liv Utmost Moisture immerse Me Mask (not in the wee pamphlet, so thank you Lou for the extra!). This looks and sounds a great face mask- instant hydration and lasting moisturisation! Lovely...!!

ooooh next to that was a pretty L'Occitane envelope. I shook it and it sounded like seeds or bath salts so i was worried about opening it, but when i did, it wasn't seeds or salts but a lot of lovely gorgeous sachets of L'Occitane Creams -i LOVE L'Occitane creams, so these (unlike some sachets) will defiantly be used!! (again, not in the pamphlet, so thank you Lou!)

Next picture was a gorgeously scented bottle of John Masters Organics, Citrus & Neroli Detangeler. This is a 30ml bottle but looks like it would do 3 or 4 uses easily! The full size retails at £16 (not sure about the size, luxbox doesn't provide those!). Another John Masters bottle and this one is a Lavender Rosemary Shampoo, again, 30ml and smells lovely! Again, the full size retails at £16.

 A little blurry picture (sorry!), this one holds Dr Bragi Age management Moisturiser a 5ml tube.A full size 50ml is £120 (wow!)...which if you use that price to this....£6 for 5ml!! Better use sparingly..!!
Next to that, is actually something i discovered recently and do like it! Its Monu Golden Glow Face and Body Bronzer in a 30ml bottle. Perfect!

 Another not in the normal Lux Box item is a bottle of CND Nail Polish in a shade called "Raisin In The Sun". Its a bit of a strange colour -it seems to change colour in different angles! I'm warming towards it, and look forward to trying it!

 Not many words are needed for this item..apart from yummy, yummy and yummy!!
Philosophy Marshmallow shampoo & Shower Gel & Bubble Bath 120ml. Smells just yummy and cant wait to use it!!

Again, not a usual Lux box, but an extra and a HUGE thank you for this one Lou!!

Ive actually tried this little item in one of the other boxes, and its extremely handy! You can use it everywhere on your face, body, feet and it smells lovely!!

I normally seem to win things that i cant use or isn't for me.
This was perfect! I love the box, i love the fact i won, as my luck is so bad, i feel so pleased!!
A massive thank you to Lou again, as Ive had a bad couple of weeks health wise and this made me smile which was very much needed!

Lou has a lovely blog, so be sure to visit her here again - LouLovesBeauty


  1. I'm glad you liked it Hun, thank you for all the kind words :)
    Your right about the polish, when I was taking photographs for the comp it looked different in every light. It will be interesting to see what it's like in your nails.
    Mwah xx :)

  2. what an awesome box xx


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