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Dollface22772 AKA Dolly AKA Owner and Mastermind of "Dollish Polish"

Those who are as addicted (or more so) to Nail Polish as me and the "new Indie" movement in the makers of polish, will already know who i am talking about, probably own a few of her polishes and wish they owned more as they sell out so fast.

Her store was restocked online one day in February 2013, and by the time i reached it, all the colours i would have given blood for, had been snapped up sharpish!

*cue sadness*.  However,  a fellow nail polish addict told me to try and contact Dolly herself and see if she could help.
I did. And  OMG, the woman herself said "How can I say no to a fellow addict like myself?!".
Giddy as a schoolgirl I happily came away with the colours i loved and would have no chance of getting had it not been for the kindness of Dolly.

It may sound a little strange, but i felt i was talking to someone mega famous, and i was so giddy!! I meekly asked if it was ok to do a post about her on my blog and she was happy to help. I got most information about her from her Store (link in the picture above) and the other bits? I simply asked!  I honestly felt like  a girl meeting one of her inspirations, as i would love to be able to make nail polish in the great colours she does. 

So, a few bits about  the woman behind the name!

Dolly first started making a name for herself as the "Nail Art Guru" on Youtube in 2009.   She still has her own youtube channel but under her now pseudonym of Dollface22772. So be sure to check her out there! A whopping 34k subcribers and nearly 5 MILLION views! Thats an achievement to be proud of!!

She happily admits to nail polish being her obsession and with her artistic and creative naturally coming to her, she says putting the two together was " a no-brainer"!

Almost like i could have wrote it myself, she describes herself as "Just a nerdy 80's girl who has an obsession with nail polish bordering on hoarding and loves all things nostalgic, anything in horror, lots of Sci Fi and anything colourful and glittery".  Anyone who looks at her store page can see this plainly in sight with the colourful bottles and the fantastic names of them!

She really does care that we love her polishes, get good value and have great service at the same time, which sets her way apart from alot of other brands, mainstream or indie. She always has to like the polishes first before even thinking of selling her little "bottles of love" onto us fellow nail polish addicts.
Letting us know that she "takes pride in my work and it warms my heart to know i can spread my love of polish to all of you, by offering my unique creations"...and they ARE unique! You would be hard pushed to find any of the colour, shimmer, sparkle or glitter that Dolly manages to cram into her bottles.  I think its obvious to most that "there is a story, an inspiration and alot of hard work behind each polish shade" that Dolly creates.

Thank you Dolly for taking the time to sit and answer my daft questions below, and i hope that other nail polish addicts like myself will enjoy reading a bit more about Dolly and the polishes created!

"Dollish Polish nail lacquers are all created and made by Dolly herself and consist of a wide range of colors, including shimmers, creams, holographic, and glitter shades. All inspired by and named after some of Dolly's most beloved movies, music, books, video games and more." 

When did you make your first "good to use/sell" Nail Polish and what was it called?
The first shade that I made that was specifically to sell, was Toxic Avenger

What was your first experimental nail polish like? Did it encourage you to carry on and keep trying, or did it go on the back burner for a while?
My first experiments with making polish were mixed. The solid polishes that I made always turned out well, but the glitter polishes that I made had issues, with either sinking or bleeding glitters, which in turn caused me to do some research and find out just what it takes to make a glitter polish.

Do you have a favourite DP colour? 
I really love alll the colors in my line, each one holds a special place in my heart, but if I had to choose one, it would definitely be Toxic Avenger, because not only did it launch my business but also because I am a massive holographic polish fan! 

How did the DP girl logo come about?
I've had the nickname, "Dolly" for years, because people were always complimenting me on my skin, and comparing it to a porcelain doll.
When I first started in the Nail Art/Polish community, making nail art tutorials on YouTube, my screen name translated that nickname that I've had for so long, Dollface22772 (the numbers are my lucky numbers and my daughters birthday mixed up) When I started my business, I knew I wanted to incorporate the doll, both in the company name and also in the logo, so that is where Dollish Polish comes from, as well as the little rag doll logo.

How hard is it to keep colours original? I mean, like not getting too similar colours to ones youve already made?
When I first started selling my hand made polishes, I could literally count on 1 hand how many others were doing the same as myself. Now, there are literally hundreds of Indie polish companies, constantly coming out with new shades and color combos. Even though I love so many of these new brands out there, I really try hard not to look at what the other Indies are coming out with, as I don't want those to influence me. I stick to my own ideas, and the colors and glitters that I'd like to wear and collect myself. But there are so many color combos you can use...eventually, there is bound to be a polish that you release, that looks like someone else's, or vice versa.

Daft question, but how did you feel when you knew that your polishes were being loved and devoured by polish addicts?  Does it worry you that the next colour they might not like, or do you make them for yourself and if theyre snapped up its a bonus?
I am a bonified polish addict. So I easily get caught up in everyone's excitement when they snatch up a new shade that I just made.
And it's really their excitement and happiness in my polishes that fuel me. I make polishes that I personally love and would like to wear, and so when it becomes popular, it's really just a bonus. 

OK, was there a DP you had the most trouble making? What happened?
Once again, we are back to Toxic Avenger. It's a love/hate relationship lol. It's by far the most difficult shades I've had to make, not in the complexity of the ingredients, but rather the availability of the ingredients. The supplier I had no longer sells the base ingredient to make it....and I've tried many other similar types, but none have given the same result. And for that reason, it's why it is a retired shade. But I do always have an eye out for comparable ingredients, and if it's a match, Toxic Avenger will return. 

Were there any colours or names you wish you hadn't done or wish you could change now?
There have been a small handful of shades that I have "tweaked" either because I wasn't happy with the end result, or there had been an issue, but I've never considered completely changing a shade or a name. 

Typically, how long does a polish take to make -from a kernel of an idea to the finished bottle with name?
The typical length on a particular polish shade really varies. Some can be in the planning stage for a few months or more. Sometimes an idea will just come to me, and I will execute it quickly.Sometimes its a shade that I have in mind, and other times it's the name that I love and a shade will be worked around it. But once a concept is in place, it doesn't take more than a few days to gather all the materials and produce the polish.

Do you Have any Pets?
I have 2 cats. A Blue-point siamese, named Marshmallow, and a Tuxedo, named Toby Joe (named after Toby Turneer, aka TOBUSCUS from YouTube)

What do you do to relax?
Hmm, I don't have a lot of free time to relax these days, but when I do I usually always have a book in my hands. Oh and Pinterest, that is my latest addiction lol, and I love wondering around on there in my free time too.

Do you have any favourite tv series or books?
My polishes reflect all that I favorite TV shows, like Doctor Who, The Vampires Diaries, and True Blood, just to name a few. When it comes to books, I'm a romance junkie....but I Im more into the paranormal romance books, like the "Immortals After Dark" series by Kresley Cole, or the "Lords Of The Underworld" series by Gena Showalter

What makes you laugh out loud?
My best friend is constantly making me laugh out loud (we work together). Everyday, I feel like I'm in the Bridesmaid movie LOL

What was your favourite subject at school? what did you not like?
Big shock, my favorite subject in school was always Art. My worst was Social Studies....BORING! lol

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
3 words to describe myself, hmmm.  Generous. Passionate. Creative nutball LOL

Favourite snack/junk food?
Favorite snack, I go through different spurts where I will constantly love one snack, but then get bored and move onto something else. Right now, it's pistachio's 

Where is your most favourite place in the world?  
My most favorite place in the world is wherever my family is. And anywhere near the ocean

Whats on the top of your "to visit" list?
Currently on top of my "to visit" lit is Florida, more specifically, Univeral Studios, because my daughter and I are HUGE Harry Potter fans, and we've not yet been to the "Wizarding World Of Harry Potter". Fingers crossed that we go sometime this year. 

Who is your inspiration? Is there more than one, and what effect do they have on you, life, work and life in general?

I cannot say I have any one particular person that gives me inspiration or that I look up to. I do admire women who are successful in their business.

And Finally....
Any tips or hints for budding Franken Polish makers?
I have 2 tips.
1 - If you are going to do this as a business, be sure to love what you do, or it will easily reflect in your work and your products.
2 - DO RESEARCH! Regardless if you want to make a polish for yourself, or if you are interested in starting a polish line, it's really essential to do research in order to properly execute a polish from the ground up. Once you know what you are working with and how to use it, the possibilities are endless. 

So whats next for Dollish Pollish?.....well Dolly posted a picture of a couple of swatches of the type of colours we can expect to see in the next collection. 


This collection is invented with the cartoon "The PowerPuff Girls" in mind, so think we should expect great bright Summer colours, the usual quirky names and some more polish that gets snapped up before the shops even had time to put the "In Stock" sign up!!
Personally, i love the blue to the right -im looking forward to seeing the completed polish with that as its base!!

To Find Dolly, she'e made it super easy for us!!

BLOG - A Day In The Life of Dollface


And even in this day of complete technology, snail mail is always an option:
Dollish Polish LLC.
P. O. Box: 1156
New York 11710

I want to thank Dolly for allowing me to use her pictures, information, kindly answering daft questions for the interview, and for helping me get my much wanted bottles of Dollish Polish!

**Please note, all interview content is the property of "Penny For Them..." blog. If you wish to use any of the content, please contact me regarding permission. Thank you for respecting my work and content***


  1. Loved this, nice to read about Dolly herself for a change and not just her gorgeous polishes.

  2. You did a great job here! Loved reading about Dolly, she is definitely a celebrity to all us polish lovers :D xx

  3. What a super interview and what fantastic polishes xx

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  5. I sat and had to think about what kind of questions to ask, as i know that Dolly probably answers loads about her great polishes and i cant thank her enough for managing to give me a colour that was out of stock in her shop, and shes super friendly...

    ....and a total celebrity to those of us nail polish lovers!
    Thanks again Dolly, it was really kind of you to sit and answer these for me :)


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