Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Box Swap #5

Its been a while since i did a box swap, but they're always in my mind and nearly always one in the process!
Today's box swap arrived from Jenny and was a £15 box...but as always, the one i sent to Jenny was over budget, and looking at my box, Jenny went over the limit too!!
I'm mega impressed with the items!! So much items for not so much pennies -we always like that!!
A totally fab box which consists mainly of my favourite items - nail goodies and lip balm/glosses....
Have a look! I still stand by the fact that these box swaps are waaaaay better than the commercial ones!!! I think you might agree, especially if you've seen my previous four as well!

It was wrapped up all super nice in a box, with a cute letter from Jenny before i unwrapped everything (again, which was all cutely wrapped in pink tissue paper, loved that!)


So the main piccie with all the goodies.....

See? So many goodies!!!

So many nail items -polish, nail pens, nail files, nail stickers and the cute little balls that stick on the nail! I love the nail pens -its something I've been meaning to try for ages, and so many colours!!

And lots of lip balms and glosses!!
(oooh the one in the card is a gorgeous scent of Chocolate peppermint -yummy!!) I love the Whoopie Pie Lip balm at the top, its so cute, it makes me not want to use it, but smells yummy again!!

Some fab palettes with great colours, and i love MUA! I love the bottom palette -the MUA "Artiste Collection", the eye shadows are amazing colours!

Some real cute shower gels (which are perfect to go hols with!!)
The one on the left (Dr Bonners Magical Soap) smells like Amaretto (almond) and could smell the bottle all day!

Some extras, always need nail files!! A sweet bath bomb, a Ren moisturiser, couple of bangles some cute hair bobbles!! And a couple of sweeties to chew on!

As a bonus, Jenny knows I'm going on hols soon, so kindly thought of me when she saw these, which i really actually do need as i don't have any!!

Jenny has her own blog over at Make Up and a Beauty Sponge, which is fab, so be sure to take a visit over there. She told me she was going to blog the box i sent her, so you'll be able to see what i sent in return for my bulging box!!

Want so say a massive Thank You to Jenny. The box came non too soon, i needed something to make me smile, and this was the perfect thing, so thank you so much Jenny!!!


  1. What a fab box, I wouldn't know where to start with trying everything xx

  2. lol, i dont, im like a kid in a sweet shop!!! i keep picking bits up, testing them, smelling them, then something else catches my eye and im sat going "oooh" ...! Box swaps are fab!

  3. Where/how do you organise swaps? i always want to but never no how to go about it?? xx

  4. Hiya Georgina,
    best places are on facebook beauty pages, like "Beauty Natter" where you find like minded folks who love to do things like this!
    I think some are done via blogs, but mine have all been off facebook.

  5. Thank you!! i've requested to join the group. Do you know any other good beauty blogger groups on fb? The blogger community is one of my favourite parts of blogging xx

  6. Hiya, off the top of my head i only use one which is the UK Bloggers but i dont do much in there. It would be great to find a group to help with blogging and to do blog swaps etc so to speak.
    If you find one, please will you let me know too! Would be great to have a blog group like that!

  7. glad you love it all :D


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