Thursday, 31 July 2014

Books, Series and Authors i LOVE and Recommend #1

So before you read the list, know i love paranormal/fantasy/sci fi. I do like the odd chick lit but the majority will be among the paranormal, so you might want to stop here -unless you're interested in beginning to read this type of book and don't know where to start, then this is perfect for you -and of course for my fellow paranormal bookies!.

Straight off i want to say you wont find the Twilight books (personal choice, i just never got the whole series -book or film), or Laurell K Hamiltons "Anita Blake " series as that just got to be daft story lines and soft porn.
you WILL find, a mixture of female, male authors who write for Young Adults (trust me, they're excellent), for adults, comedy, romance, vamp/were/witch/grim reaper story lines, and books and series i have enjoyed thoroughly.
I also have a HUGE TBR file, and ill try to list some of those too, perhaps on another post though, as they're on my TBR list for a reason -Ive been recommended them from fellow bookies who loved them and passed the knowledge on to me...

If you want to find out more about each book/series/author - theres 2 ways. The blog picture will take you to a site called Fantasticfiction and on the page of the author and all they have wrote, including the series mentioned.
If you click on the name of the series it will take you to GoodReads where you can find out more about the story, about the order of books and also some others reviews. I hope this will help you to decide whether to read it or not!

Ok, lets start with the obvious....

J.K Rowling's Harry Potter....the whole series, kit and caboodle.
Adult or child, you cannot help but love this series in its entirety from beginning to end. This series i have on my kindle constantly, and also have the paper books as they came out before the Kindle, and i always have a read of the series every 12months or so, because they're just so enjoyable.
If you HAVEN'T read the books, and only saw the have NO idea what you're missing.  They did the films as well as they could, but nothing comes close to what your imagination built the set up to look like and characters to be.  Go in with a fresh look and try not to use the actors and the sets they used in the films...use your is so much better!

Next, another book that made it to our screens, but in a TV series. The TV series is called "True Blood". The books are by author Charlaine Harris and the book series are called "Southern Vampire Series".  Again, i cannot stress how different the books are from the program -and i mean WAY WAY different.  I read the books before the show, so i was super excited...and so let down,...the only saviour...Hunky Eric, and Gorgeous Sam....
Anyway, again, if you think that True Blood is anything like the books, you couldn't be more mistaken. I loved the books, and again is one of those series i pick up to read every now and then.  What i will say about the you can tell when the TV series came out in doesn't have the same pizazz as the earlier books that i devoured, however, i would still recommend the series, especially the first 9 books and the novellas. Its a fun read.

For Were fans, and fans of Fae, vamps, ghosts, witches...this series has them all, and is fantastically written.
"Mercy Thompson" is written by the brilliant Patricia Briggs.  It is based around Mercy who is a "skinwalker" rather than a were, but she transforms into a coyote.  Shes a mechanic, working for an Iron Fey with The Alpha of the local werewolf pack living at the back of her. Of course theres trouble!  Vamps are included, not overly so.  Ms Briggs keeps Mercy definitely as the main character and what goes on around her.  Whats good with this series, is that its not hit any screens, so the only thing that would be at work is your imagination, and this is a great series to let that run.

A brilliant series that i devoured and can read again and again is by Kim Harrison and is called "The Hollows".  There are series that can get a little boring....but i have to say this one doesn't.  And some books have you sitting there going "no way!" and others wanting to cry.  Its written about  witch, a vamp and a pixie who leave a national based Supernatural company and make a go of it on their own. I LOVE this series and would totally recommend it.  its upto 10 books (not including novellas) and i swear each one has you page turning and almost gagging for the next book!

Ok, last recommendation for this post...I think i would really recommend Maryjanice Davidson's "Queen Betsy" or "Undead" Series.  This is much more light hearted than the previous series and revolves around a girl, called (rather obviously) Betsy.  A girl who loves fashion and shoes, was turned into a vamp without realising it  and obviously without giving too much away, each book is all about her trying to come to terms with the vamp in her and trying to live a normal human life.  Sometimes the books can get very same-y but like i say, its a light hearted read that you can pick up and put down quite easily and not forget the storyline or have to read the last book to catch up, as each book kinda fills you in on whats happened previously anyway!  Fun reads though!

31st July 2014
Adding this series to the list, because i cannot believe i had it in my TBR pile for soooo long and not picked it up!! It is of course, the BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD By J.R Ward
Every book follows one main character, but their relationships and issues run all the way through the books.  It is a HOT, sizzling series, that isn't just about the sex, but a brilliant story in itself.  As i type i am on "Lover At Last".  I have "the King" to read next and that's the last in the series until the next is released next year, which i cant wait for.
How can an author be as awesome as this?! If you love paranormal Romance, and NOT picked this series up - oh you don't know what you're missing!!

Hope this has helped with what to pick up to read for some, ill be listing some more soon!

Happy Reading!!

To Be Continued.....!


  1. Twilight rocks! You know it's true lol.... #TeamEdward xx

  2. Heehee!! Afraid one thing we'll never agree on my friend, but any suggestions that you have are always welcomed... My TBR pile is on here and Huuuuuuuge but I always love being told about an author I haven't stumbled across or a series that's a must read!!


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