Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bargain Shopping Haul #1

So there's me not getting much sleep on Monday night, thinking it would be a great idea to do a Poundland and Charity Shop haul on Tuesday (I'm still paying the price, I'm exhausted and my body seriously doesn't want to move!!)

But i got a good few bits, which I'm happy with! There are a few items i haven't posted up yet, as i bought them for friends or my mum, so when they've had them, ill then add them into the bargain buy!

So into Poundland first. I don't think ours is one of the better ones as I've had to buy the Nails Inc hand cream from someone on a Facebook nail page and pay them to post them to me (which they've kindly done!), but i still picked up a few things :)

The stick on the left hand side is a kitty toy with a dangling cat nip filled toy thingie, that my cats love!

Love candles, and i normally go for Yankee Wax Tarts, but i saw these and i thought id give them a go.
Cole & Gills Fragrance oils (obviously £1 each for 2), i love winter fragrances, so i have cinnamon, mulled wine, winter berries and cinnamon spice..cant wait to try them!

 OK and by now you must know i love my nail polish. I'm not 100% about how this is going to be, but at £1 its worth a try right?
It has a purple nail polish and the purple beads to go on top.
Will blog this attempt when i do my nails with it.....! No matter what the outcome!

And nails again..i saw a fellow blogger get these, and they looked fantastic on, and when i peeked them on the hanger, i had to reach out and have one

Not much in my poundland, like i say, so i turned my attention to the Charity Shops. Luckily for me, they're all pretty much situated near each other, so not too much walking involved!  I went to the PDSA shop, Oxfam, Save The Children, Cancer Research, Marie Curie and the British Foundation, and also a local Christian Charity Shop.
I'm not going to write the price, but will say that everything (including my poundland shop) was under £30 :)
These are my goodies.....


I don't know what it is, but i have this HUGE thing about Care Bears at the moment (if you had a peek at my bedside table, i have Friendship Bear sat there!), so as soon as i saw this little guy, i snatched him up. He is, of course Sunshine Bear....wonder if he'll bring me nice would that be!  I will say that he only cost me £1.50 and i was very happy!

This little purse was cute on its own, but when i opened it, it held four little bottles. I think they're Japanese or Chinese as it only has minimum English writing and that just tells you what the items are but the brand i think is Camenae. They are:
*multi Action Eye Essence
*Eye contour therapy
*Soothing Radiance Eye Cream
*Eye & Lip Make up Remover

This is brand new, and its only dinky, but i thought it would be great for my holidays, so i can only take out a few little things, rather than lugging a big bag!
Its a  deep brown cotton bag and is from Nine West..again, a great price, and i had to choose between this and a Tula bag -this one won as it was newer, had a longer shoulder strap and just appealed more to me.

 How could i not pick this up!  I love candles, whether they're Yankee or not, but this held a wax tart which is my favourite type of candle and its a pottery holder almost like petal shaped holder with wrought iron to hold the tea lights underneath...bargain.

This was just 99p. Its from Continental Airlines Business Class, and is basically a flyer's kit.  Again, as I'm going long haul on my hols this year, i thought this was a nifty little buy (as no, I'm not going business or first class!!!)
This holds:

*Eye Mask, Ear Plugs (fab for me as i HATE the roar of the plane engine!!), packet of mints, tissues, lipbalm, hairbrush, toothbrush,cleansing cloth, hand & body lotion and a pen -FAB!!

This first caught my eye...then my smells heaven!! Its from the Bomb Cosmetics Company and is a "slice" of soap that smells gorgeously of strawberries.  Even when i open the shopping bag, its the first thing i smelled. Really nice!

These were just little buys to help the charity. The PDSA ones i couldn't resist all 3- especially the paw print, as i have paw prints everywhere -tattoo, on my car, as a phone i had to get that one! Then couldn't choose between cat and dog, so got both!
From the Cancer Research, i picked up a couple of cute nail files and a really dinky bra keyring, that's a metal but along the top and straps of the bra has little coloured stones.

A little gift set from Charlie & Revlon. This contains a gorgeous lip gloss (one of my many addictions!), a Charlie body Spray and a disposable camera for a night out! (i mainly got it for the lip gloss and body spray, lol!! -i don't think i even know where i could get a film developed nowadays, but hey, would def come in handy when you don't want to take you're expensive digital one out!

Yup, my kiddie side shows again!! Spotted this little guy, and straight away mind turns to Toy Story, and hes such a cute character in it, how could i not get him? And for just £1...i definitely couldn't leave Slinky behind!!

i think this says it all....!
Charity shops and car boot sales are a heaven for dog toys. Yup, i said dog toys. These are safe teddies for young children, so if they're safe for them, they're safe for my dogs!

Who, i think agree with me.......

I know it doesn't look like too much, but theres about 6 or 7 items i haven't added to here yet, until I've given them to the people i bought them for!

But i love going charity shop hunting. You can often find some real good bargains in there!
A fellow Blogger wrote the other day of finding a Bobbi Brown Palette for £2.99!!! WOW!
And even more gobsmaking, another bought a Hugo Boss bag, which turned out to be the genuine article! Very nice!!

Don't just let your eyes glaze over when you see a charity shop. The days of them having just tat in the shop are long gone, and you can find all sorts of items, from books, dvds, bedding, clothes, kitchenware, really is an endless list.

But whats even better, not only are you grabbing a bargain, you're helping those in need too. Which when said and done...cant be a bad thing?

Have you been bargain hunting recently? What jewels have you uncovered?
I bet some can make my bargains, seem a drop in the ocean compared to their buys!!

Happy Shopping all!

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  1. I love charity shops too, we have a few near us that have some pretty decent bargains, although our Oxfam seems a bit over priced, for example my boyfriend gave a couple of Diesel shirts to them that he had had for a couple of years and had got them for about £10 to £15 in the sale. Well Oxfam had them for sale for a tenner each! Thing is they sold straight away. Sometimes I think people forget about sale priced items and just thought they got £60 shirts for £10. Oh well glad they made a few pound on them anyway. As I have been really bad with my back lately I haven't been charity shop hunting for a while but your post makes me want to go asap. Will let you know if I get any good bargains, you did really well on your charity shop, and poundland shop though.
    Angela x


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