Thursday, 14 March 2013

A £5 Stila Bargain from WIMH

Last week a great offer from "What's In My Handbag", made alot of people reach for their included!

Stila has a great name in make up circles, and now they are branching out into skin care.
WIMH had an offer for a three piece skincare set and lip glaze for just £10.  This offer is still on today, if you fancy it by just going here
What made this deal even better?
Well, WIMH had a discount code that took £5 off your shopping cart. The proviso was that you had to spend £10 minimum to be able to make use of it...which is what made this a GREAT deal. And even better if you're a "founding member" (ie been there for a loooong time!), you get free postage!
Normally WIMH can be quite sneaky and put prices at £9.95 so you cant use the discount code, but we seemed to be allowed it with this!
What is the code?? I hear you screaming... 
Its a once only use code and apparently only valid on your first purchase, so if this applies to you, the code is "WIMHLAUNCH". I hope this helps!

Anyway, onto the buy itself....

As usual WIMH sends out the trademark black box (that i always have trouble opening, until i now just place a knife under the cardboard and slide and voila!

The card telling you whats nestled inside the black tissue paper and among the black shredded paper to protect....

And finally open up to the product inside.

In the box inside is:
Stila Coming Clean Revitalising Gel Cleanser 10ml
"Wash away the day with this purifying gel cleanser.  The soap-free formula gently removes make up and dirt, while aloe vera and botanical extracts soothes an protect, and Hyaluronic acid boosts the skin's moisture levels"

Stila Glowing Reviews Gentle Skin Renewal Scrub 10ml
"A mild exfoliating scrub, with fruit enzymes and micro-scrubbing beads to promote healthy cell renewal, plus algae extract, and a blend of essential fatty acids to refine the complexion and reveal softer, smoother skin"

Stila Face The Day Multi Use Moisturising Gel Cream 10ml
"A unique gel-cream texture that glides on easily, improves the skin's natural moisture barrier function and provides intense hydration.  Perfect for even sensitive skin and suitable for face, lips, neck and eye area, whats not to love?"

And to complete the set a Stila Lip Glaze, full size in hibiscus.
"This award winning cult lip colour is a not - too -sticky but not -at -all - drying gloss that lasts all day and smells good enough to eat.  It's easy to use and the perfect size for having to hand at all times"

According to WIMH this has a retail value of £19.50.  I'm not sure id pay that for it, but i think £5 is a great price for 3 good trial sized face products.

Have i used them yet? Well, no, as they only landed on my doorstep today (which was really quick delivery as i only ordered on Monday...or Tuesday, cant remember which one!!!). When some companies leave you hanging for an order for more than a week at a time.

I will give these a go (not sure when, they may come on holiday with me as they're the perfect size!), but ill be sure to let you know how i get on.

Did you grab a set? Like me couldn't resist a bargain when showed to you! Have you given them a whirl yet? id be interested to know what peoples thoughts are about the new line of Stila products!

As always, happy bargain hunting....!!


  1. I didn't grab a set but this does look really nice xx

  2. This is a fab set! I didn't pick it up but wish I had! x

  3. oooh girlies i could be being a bad influence but as far as i know you can still get them for that price.....;)
    Will leave that one with you!! heheheee!

    Thanks for stopping by girls xxx

  4. Thank you just ordered one! and i got free delivery! xx


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