Friday, 29 March 2013

3 Bargain Catrice Nail Polishes

So on my weekly trip to the chemist, i saw that they were selling Catrice make up and polishes at half price.  I only had a fiver with me (which is probably a good thing!!) so i picked up  three of the polishes for a fantastic £3.60 for all of them....Happy Days!!

So, are they worth the £3.60? Hmmm.....well, you cant really go wrong with the price!  but i did find that i had to have 2 or 3 coats to make them show their true colour and coverage.....

I've looked on the Catrice direct site and they seem to be now "unavailable" but I've seen them for sale, and the links take you directly to Sally Magpies who have them all in stock for fab prices.....

....Check them Out...!!

Genius In A Bottle

This colour DEFINITELY needed 2 or if possible 3 coats.  The first coat was quite transparent, and didn't show the colour to its full potential.  The 3 coats, is a massive difference.  The pictures don't show all the different colours that show as the light hits it from different angles.  It looks like its just gold, but its not! When the light hits it there are blue and turquoise shimmers and tiny particles of glitter that glint when the light catches.

Id actually had this before, but didn't try it and ended up swapping it.  I'm not a huge gold fan, but this has a quirk to it and i like the quirky colours and think this one might stay with me, for the days when i feel i need a great flash of colour!
Perfect for nights out!

George Blueney

Again, as with the same as the "Genius In a Bottle, this needed 2 or preferably 3 coats to show its fab colour (sorry about the untidiness, although i am getting better with the darker colours!!).  The colour goes deeper as you apply it, and if you do the 3 coats it ends up looking like an indigo denim blue with a great shimmer and again, tiny particles of blue glitter.  I actually really like this one, so this is staying too!!

Dirty Berry

Apparently, one of Catrice's most famous colours, and its not hard to see why.
This one was a total surprise to me.  Again, one I've had previously and sold/swapped it (i cant remember!!).  I love purples anyway, so it was a no brainer to pick it up.  Its often described as a "dusty purple" which is pretty apt, but what was a pleasant surprise was this one a Holo polish in disguise -I've taken a real liking to Holo's lately as i love the way it shimmers in the sunlight!
This isn't an "in your face" holo, and only really hows itself on the third coat.  I actually really like this one, so this definitely stays!

What is unique about the Catrice polishes is the brush that they now use for their polishes. Its a thick low brush, and although it makes it easier to apply the polish, when it comes to doing those awkward end bits that you missed with the main strokes, it can be a little more difficult....hence why some of the polish is smudged onto my fingers..!

So, back to original question...worth £3.60 for the 3 polishes...HELL YEAH!!!

Whaddya think? Bargain or not?


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