Thursday, 28 February 2013


Everyone has one!

I thought it a good idea to start to write mine.....
Naturally its beauty based as im not sure what else i wish for (apart from the obvious wish my friends and family health and happiness, and for people to have manners and treat others as theyd wish to be treated, but i dont think that would make my wishlist easily obtainable...)
So ill begin.....and no doubt this will grow as i keep seeing things i would love.....

If anyone can help me with swaps or sales, please contact me via email and id be glad to organise something to please both parties!

I have recently discovered nail polishes that arent the usual named brands, and wow, there are some stunners out there that i have yet to make mine.....

Those in red, are ones i REALLY REALLY want!!!!

Enchanted - Marge's Blue Beehive
Enchanted -As if!
Enchanted - Ballerina Sprinkles
Cult Nails - Unicorn Puke
LA Femme Preciosa
Daring Digits Fly Away
Daring Digits Before Sunset
Different Dimensions - Just Keep Swimming **ON WAY**
Different Dimensions - Just the Tulip of Us
Dollish polish - It Wasnt Over, Its Still Not Over **BIG WANT**

Chaos & Crocodiles - Anodize the Tide
Chaos & Crocodiles - DDC
Chaos & Crocodiles - Heartfelt
Chaos & Crocodiles - LH04
Ninja Polish - Sapphire Dreams
Naild It - Nude Frosty
Picture Polish - Hope
Femme Fatale - Sparkleshell
Lynderella - Vampink
Lynderella - Very Pretty Vampire
Nfu Oh 64
Daily Lacquer - Giles The ripper (Slayer collection)
Daily lacquer - Dont Spike Me (slayer collection)
Whimsicals By Pam - Peanut Butter & Jelly
Whimsicals By Pam - magical Mystery Tour
Whimsicals By Pam - Sparkly Markly
OPI DS Original **ON WAY**
OPI DS Exclusive
Girly Bits - Perry-twinkle **ON WAY**
Girly Bits - Island Time **ON WAY**
Girly Bits - Endless Love **ON WAY**
Lilypad Lacquers - Lilac Beauty
Lilypad Lacquers - passion
Lilypad - Hey True Blue
Glittering Elements - the prototypes - my nice mail man lost mine :(
Different Dimensions - The Dreamers and Me
Mac - Biker Blue
Colors By Llarowe - Courage, Brains, Heart
Colors By Llarowe - Rapture **ON WAY**
Essence (Vampires Love Collection) - True Love
Essence (Vampires Love Collection) - The Dawn Is Broken
Essence (Breaking Dawn Collection) - A Piece of Forever
Essence (Eclipse Collection) - Undead?
Essence (Eclipse Collection) - Thirsty
Essence (Eclipse Collection) - Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me
Essence (Eclipse collection) - Hide Bella Hide
Essence (Eclipse Collection) - Ready to Be Bitten
Glam Polish - Ciao B##### (True blood aussie May box)
Open to any of the polishes from the Indie Boxes (both Aus and Llarowe) (esp True Blood!)
(and umpteen others!! If you have any Lilys, or CBLs please contact me in case i can snap it off you!)

20th November 2014
After dipping toes and now being firmly in knee deep in the world of polish, the wishlist can become totally redundant when finding a new brand, or a colour you havent seen before!  If you're looking to part with any and its not on my list, i would be interested in anything:

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Quirky Reds
  • Holos
  • Multichromes
  • Micro Glitters
  • Lilypad, Ruby White Tips, Glittering Elements, Colors By llarowe, CrowsToes...and i KNOW i haven't even scratched the surface and i love finding new brands...
If YOU have a new polish brand and looking for people to try them out, please feel free to contact me!

NON NAIL VARNISH!!! (yes they do exsist!!!!)

Daniel Sandler Radiant Sheen and Kabuki Bush

AEngland Merlin Polish £9  *yaay got!!*
AEngland Ophelia Polish £9 *GOT* yaaay!!!
AEngland Princess Tears **GOT**
AEngland Jane Eyre £9
AEngland Ascalon **GOT** whoop!
AEngland Lady of The Lake *got!*
Ninja Polish - Howling Blue Moon **GOT**
NI Ryder Street **GOT**
Leighton Denny Sex Kitten  **GOT**
Dollish Polish - Girls Rule, Boys Drool **GOT**
Dollish Polish Deadly Nightshade**GOT**
Nfu Oh 61 **GOT**
Dolish Polish Vampire Coven **GOT**
Hare - Medusa Luminosa  **GOT**
AEngland -Tristam **GOT**
Butter London - Knackered **GOT**
Dollish Polish -Cold Winds Rising *on its Way! **GOT**
Dollish polish - A Bad Case of Blue Balls *GOT*
Girlie Bits Razzle Dazzle **GOT**
Butter London - no more waity katie **GOT**
OPI "Show It and Glow It"
Enchanted -Im Kind of A Big Deal **GOT!!**
Enchanted -Love The Way You Lilac **GOT!!**
Girly Bits - Mother May I **GOT**
Shimmer Caroline **GOT**
Enchanted - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy **GOT!!!**
Enchanted -Djinn in a bottle **GOT!!**
Jindie - Barney Blew Up **GOT**
Jindie Nails - Purple Rainbow **GOT**
Enchanted - J'Adore **GOT IT**
Different Dimesions -Ive been an Awful Good Girl **GOT**
OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It **GOT**
OPI -Its My Year (or NI Dupe "Wardour Mews") **GOT**
OPI Sand-erella **GOT**
Enchanted -  May 2013 (Birthday Month!) **GOT**
Nox Twilight -Sugar Plum **GOT**
Nox Twilight - Disco Darling **GOT**
Zoya Pixie Dust Stevie **GOT**
Zoya Pixie Dust Miranda **GOT**
Pretty Serious - Poltergeist Puddle **GOT**
Dollish Polish -Drop Your Sword **BIG WANT** **GOT**
Dollish POlish - Crystal Empire **GOT**
Girly Bits - Boo Berry **GOT**
Picture Polish - Cosmos **GOT**
Picture Polish - Ameythst **GOT**
Smitten Polish - Hocus Pocus **GOT**
Estee Lauder - smashed **GOT**
Whimsicals by Pam - I believe In Fairies **GOT**
Darling Diva - Grumpy Bear **GOT**
Jindie Nails - Blue ivy **GOT**
Lilypad - True Blood **GOT**
Smitten Polish -Youre Turning Violet, Violet **GOT**
Picture Polish -Paradise **GOT**
Above The Curve - Caty Perriwinkle **ON WAY**
Above The Curve - Aurora **ON WAY**
OPI DS Extravagance
Rainbow Honey - The Element of Magic 
Nubar - Treasure
China Glaze OMG IDK
NerdLacquer - Outed by a Probot
Girly Bits - Batchelors Button
Dollish Polish - Looking For My Mr Big **BIG WANT**
Lilypad - Blooming Violets
Lilypad - Wink of Pink
Different Dimensions - Drops of Jupiter (GOT!)
Colors By Llarowe - My Own private Paradise (GOT)
Colors By Llarowe - Unknown Galaxy (GOT!)
Picture Polish - Aurora **GOT**
Dollish Pollish - Toxic Avenger ****TOP OF MY LIST OF WANTS!!!*** **GOT!!!!!!!!****
Mac - Scorching Haute **GOT**
Lilypad Lacquer - Queen of Halloween **GOT**
Lilypad Lacquers - Cartjacked **GOT**
Lilypad Lacquers - Violet Blaze **GOT!!**

Indie Special Grab Bag -

a-england polishes
they do vouchers...oooooh!!! *cough* mum *cough* lol...!!


  1. i love wishlists! and try to do one every week/month :) but you cant always find the money to fund purchases :/

    I have an International group giveaway running with a $170 cash prize! Check it out >>Here<<

    BreezeyBee Blog

  2. I am nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You can find out all about it and what you need to do right here...


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