Thursday, 28 February 2013

The "Replacement" Glossybox i said at the end of my "Free" Glossybox.
GB Sent me a replacement box, as they (and i -genuinely) thought the box had got "lost in transit" as they put it.....

.....but bizarrely they both arrived on the same day (so it took from the 14th February for the "free" Box to arrive but only 2 days for the "replacement" to arrive...why such a vast difference???? Your guess can only be as good as mine...

Anyway, i did have the fit of conscience...should i send the box back etc etc....but after consulting with some friends on FB...the consensus was a resounding "NO"...who am i to argue.....

.....especially when it was a fantastic box!  I never thought id use the words "fantastic" and "glossybox" in the same sentence in a positive way, but there's a first for everything right?

So, i hear you ask...what was in the box.....well....take a peek...!

First off, instead of the usual card explaining what was in the box, i got this little card....cute touch!

And this is what greeted me!....(enlarged so you can see!!)...Not 5, not 6 but a whole SEVEN items!!! Oh if they did their monthly boxes like this, they'd be laughing and have buyers coming out their ears instead of the 5 measly morsels we usually get!!

Seeing Molton Brown, a nail varnish and a Stila eye pencil, made me a very happy chappy!!!

Ok, so on to tell you what each item is...... As i said before, there was no card telling me any info or what a full size is, and I'm truly sorry, i would normally flick Google on and use it to its full and find these items for you to click links to, but I've been a poorly bunny this week and I'm not feeling great now and have slim to none energy to search....i know, I'm a bad blogger....I'm sorry :( But hey, you know Google too ;)

First off was lurking at the bottom was this Intensive Treatment Mask from Dr Bragi.  Doesn't actually say if its a disposable one...on the instructions it has "use once or twice a week" and at the end of using it says to just remove it from your face...but knowing GB, i don't think they give us something like this as a reusable, so I'm thinking a couple of uses and then probably meet the bottom of the fun to use though, not had a face mask in ages!

And next, from L'Oreal -Techni Art Full Volume mousse 50ml. Mousse? Its been years since I've used mousse on my hair and then only because it was permed (that's how long!).
hmmm....not sure what to do with this one, as i am a straightener kinda girl which i happily have my products all lined up!
Could this be used on straightening hair? The problem i have there is i don't actually WANT volume in my hair. Its actually quite thick and a pain to control without giving it more volume..!!! But i can try it, right?

Three items in this picture!
Lets get the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream out of the way first -i think GB have shares in Balance Me products. Don't get me wrong, they are good creams, but when you keep getting the same item over and over, it kinda loses its appeal and wow factor that you're supposed to get with a "surprise" beauty box!

Anyway, on to the next -one of my favourite brands -Molton Brown. This is a 50ml little bottle of "Heavenly Gingerlilly Moisture Bath & Shower "...yummy...i don't think words are needed when it comes to MB!!

The other tube in this picture is a 15ml trial size of Arbonne Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream "with fresh kiwi cell extracts and Moisture Fresh Complex. In contrast to the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in the Free GB, this scent hits you as soon as you open the lid, its a complete opposite to the scent of the other, and this has a more deeper scent, reminding you of outdoors. Gives you the kind of feeling that it would work for people who worked with their hands, if you know what i mean!

I like all 3 items, and yup that means the good ole Balance Me too!

The last two items in the box was a cute 5.3ml bottle of Orly in "RUBY". I do actually like Orly polishes,but I'm not a great fan of straight red -as you've probably gathered if you have seen my NOTD reviews, i love my glitter and shimmer and purples and blues! but I'm sure this little guy will find a much wanted home!
The other item, which is a first for me is an eyeliner pencil from Stila...well not a pencil, its like a thin crayon that you twist to show. Unfortunately for me, i don't use eyeliner, but my mum does, and as soon as i showed it to her on one of our daily Skype talks  i heard a sharp intake of breath and an "oooooh" this will have a happy home to go to as well and staying in the family!!

So there you it me, or is this box more....MORE, than the normal Glossyboxes?
in a way, kind of feels like they put alot of effort into apologising to customers if something gets waylaid, but not as much in trying to keep the customers they already have...
Almost makes me want to always have "lost in transit" boxes!!
Sadly i don't think that would no trying, guys...i don't want to be banned from getting boxes!!!

As much as i felt pretty guilty at getting 2 free boxes, it kind of makes up for a lot of shoddy ones in the past. 

Maybe i might give GB a bit of a break and when the spending ban ends...who knows, if i keep hearing and seeing good reports, they may have won an old subscriber back!

Happy Box opening guys!


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