Thursday, 28 February 2013

The "Free" Glossybox

Like alot of people, i cant turn away from a freebie...

Last month Glossybox joined with Paypal and when you bought one box in February, you put a code in and it took a penny off the total and you got a free box!
Mine took forever to get here....and when it did yesterday, i was kinda surprised! Mine was a November's "Stocking Filler" box, and as boxes go, it wasn't too bad! -especially when its free!

So the usual pink box and the careful wrapping, and i opened to find these goodies looking at me:

First off the card describing which box i have and whats it in....

And then these......Off all the boxes i had to be the one box in the last 8months that i had got!!! Would have loved to try another months, but if truth be told as boxes go, this one wasn't too bad. No silly sachets, or teeny tiny perfume samples. This was all of sizes i could use! Whoo! Now THAT on its own is an achievement, as anyone who has bought the boxes like this before will tell you!

 So to narrow the items down.....

This piccie has the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (13.5g). The full size one is 75g and costs £38.50.
GB describe it as "A unique rice based powder that gently exfoliates skin, leaving it noticeably smoother and brighter".
This is the second time I've got this, and I've never tried it, i sol the first one..but maybe its time to see what the hoohah is about it...

The other item in this picture is Dr Jart+ Warter Fuse Beauty Balm " a cream that gives a natural bright and glossy application for natural, fresh looking skin which controls sebum production from sweat preventing streaking" -a big bit of info there! Another product i think I've had in the past, and just ended up in the drawer...i really should use these things!! The one in the box is 15ml. The full size is 50ml and costs £18.

The last 3 items are by no means least. In fact, they're my favourite 3 items of the box!

A hand cream from Crablyn and Evelyn in Himalayan Blue hand Therapy.  The blurb for this states that its " an award-winning hand cream that takes moisturisation to a new level with Shea butter and ceramides 3 and 611 to reduce moisture loss while promoting the skin's hydration level". Hmm.
it doesn't have a scent when you smell it in the tube, but when you squeeze even just a little onto the back of your hand, you're hit with a real powerful scent, which is actually hard to describe. Its not really floral, but there is a hint of it in kinda reminds me of fresh cotton Yankee candles! Sorry, there was really nothing else i could think to compare it too!! I only used a drop on the back of my hand and i can still smell it, so not sure if it will be overpowering on a full hand cream usage. Its nice though!
The tube in the box was 25g. The full size is 100g at costs £14.

Next to that is Alison Claire Mango Body Butter. Again, i ended up selling this, as I'm not a massive fan of Body Butters. I find them too heavy and much prefer the body souffle creams which are lighter and absorb quicker, but anyway, this one is described as " a delicious blend of organic mango and cocoa butters that will leave your skin feeling wonderful". I cannot say if what they claim is true, but i DO know that alot of box buyers did like this, so don't disregard this because of my personal preference! The plastic tube in the box was 50ml (a good size actually!) but the full size is 200ml and costs £15.

The last small but oh so useful item in the box was a Nails Inc mini Kensington Caviar top coat. I'm so pleased i got this this time - i remember in the other November box i got Nottinghill Gate (another colour available would have been Porchester Square -again, another colour i already have and would have been wasted) -which i swapped with another box buyer for the top coat. I love NI's top coats so this will not go to waste! The full size is normally a 10ml bottle and costs between £11-£12 depending where you buy it.

As the free boxes go, I'm pretty happy with this one!
However, like i was dispatched on the 14th February and when i got in contact with GB on the 25th February i still hadn't received it, so they sent out a replacement box.........

....which i have to say, if they did ALL their boxes like the replacement box, they'd keep more buyers.....

See what you think as its the next box review coming up.....!

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  1. The dermalogica stuff is AMAZING, I love it! Can't afford to purchase it at the moment but I definitely will in the future. The mango body butter is really nice as well, not greasy or sticky.

    This was one of my preferred Glossy Boxes last year, enjoy!


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