Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Difference Make Up can make to a Girl!

So you had a crappy night sleep,tossing and turning and bad dreams,  your skin is dull, you have huge bags and dark circles under the eyes, and the sparkle isn't there.....

.....one thing us girls is good at is covering it up! (Probably one of the better benefits of being female!!).

You've seen my ugly mug without make up, and Ive been told that when i put my make up on i look totally different, so i thought id try it out here and see what you guys think.

Sod the hair I'm just tying it back, this is just the make up test!

So Ugly mug, no make up on! (Picture 1)
Pic 1

Ok, so my base -i don't know what it is, but I've always hated foundation. I found it too heavy and as I'm mega pale, I've always found it hard to get a good matching shade. Nowadays, there's probably a ton out there but I've never been able to shake the "orange face" fear. So i always use tinted moisturiser, and even right up until about July last year, i was still doing so, but then i stumbled upon L'Oreal's Nude Magique BB Cream (fair) , RRP £9.99-and was totally converted. Even on its own, this adds the much needed colour back into the cheeks. Its light and stays on really well, so that's where i start.

Next the all important concealer for my dark circles. Up until recently, i wouldn't move from my beloved Benefit Erase Paste (RRP £19.50). Id waited years to find something that made a difference and this was it. However i then discovered Bobbi Brown's little concealer set. I got the old one that was stacked, but the product now comes in a side by side product. It has a cream concealer and a setting powder included. The RRP is approximately £24.
so the one i have is like this:

but the new ones are now like this ------>

BUT, someone recommended Soap and Glory's "Kick Ass Concealer". Buy from Boots for an RRP of £10. I only got this last week, and i was gobsmacked...it really worked!! So this is going into the make up bag. Its easy to use, not messy as its pressed powder in the little tub. Unlike the Bobbi Brown -it has a loose powder, and you need to open it very carefully, but when you're out you need to be able to just open it up without worrying you're spilling it all over the floor!! Definitely recommended!

My face powder....this changes daily, weekly, monthly, depending what i have to hand!! Today i used Mememe Flawless Face Powder in natural. A Great buy at £5.99.

Ok, so powder on, i then do my eyes. This is also one that i have used for years. Its so easy to use, and lasts ages, and gives a slight smokey look. Its Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow in Silver Storm. Its like a double ended pen and is actually quite creamy. A steal at £6.99.

Next, adding my favourite colour to my cheeks. For years i didn't actually use a blusher, but in the last year I've been intrigued by them. Again, back to Benefit, and i just knew straight away that the colour for me was "Bella Bamba".  Benefit describes this one as "a 3D brightening pink powder" and has an RRP of £23.50. I don't use much, just a couple of sweeps across the cheeks is plenty.

Ok, and to the lips -again, this changes for me daily, weekly, etc! I sometimes only use lip gloss, i sometimes use lipstick, i sometimes use both. Today i used both. The Lipstick was Mac's Viva Glam V. Its actually the only Mac lipstick i own, and i don't use it very often, as i have so many lipsticks it doesn't get picked up too often! This is one of Mac's classic colours now and has an RRP of £14.
On top of this, i used my favourite lip gloss. This is an old one and has been discontinued, i had to scour the net and found two at a make up sale site, so i could have some in reserve!! Its nothing special, its from Rimmel and is called "Vinyl 1000 Diamond Carat". Its so so pretty. It is a light pink, and it does sparkle subtly on top of  either clear lips or with lipstick, like today. If you can find one, id snap it up as like i say, they are now discontinued!!

Next to last -mascara. Again, i have so many of these, but i try to use the mini ones i have first as i don't want to open the normal size ones to keep flipping from one to another, as mascaras can dry out quickly, and really only have a short shelf life in comparison to some make up items!
Today, i used the new one from Benefit "They're Real", apparently the Uk's No1 mascara (according to Benefit) this has an RRP of £18.50.
Whether i think its good...I'm not sure...i seem to have it smudged by the end of the day, even if i don't rub my eyes. My main one before this was a Bobbi Brown and that was brilliant, lasted all day and stayed on. I'm not saying this one doesn't stay on -it does, but sadly sometimes stays on the skin under the eyes too.

Lastly a dusting of Elf's HD Powder. This just adds an extra coverage and helps the make up stay on a little more. Elf describes it as "...a high definition loose powder creates a "soft focus" effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion. The incredibly soft and invisible powder is great for on-screen and everyday wear.". For quite a big tub which lasts a while, this has an RRP of £6. Elf has great bargains, and definitely shouldn't be overlooked!!!

SO...after all that. It actually took longer to write than it did to do!...this is what i look like......

What do you think?

 A Big difference from wearing no make up, but am i doing it right do you think? Do the colours and items i use suit me?
I hope so...otherwise I've been going out looking wrong!!!! LOL!!

Tools of the trade....
If you were wondering what the items i used are like, these are them. Also, i have left a link to each one where you can buy them, and also look at reviews for yourself.

I always try for a natural look, I'm not one for the glam look or putting on alot. Ive always had a fear of being pointed at for being orange or not putting make up on right, so I've always put hardly any on.
Might change as I'm getting older, but not as yet...!!

Please be nice!!! ;)


  1. Wow your eyes look so blue in the second pic! Gorgeous! Xx

  2. aww bless you! I wouldnt go to gorgeous, but as long as i dont scare little children in the street, thats good for me!!

    my eyes are really really blue, the only good thing ive got, i think!! The sun brings them out even more...

    Thanks for stopping by and the nice words hun, mean alot, thank you :) xxx

  3. Ooooh, interesting about the Soap and Glory concealer! I think I will have to try that! I just got the Mac Select Cover Up which I like :) x

  4. The S&G one surprised me too, cos id tried their "Trick and treat" and the eye rollerball, and it didnt really do anything, but this is really good!!
    Oooh lucky you getting the Mac one!!! I got the Bobbi Brown from a blog sale and its been sat in a box for months cos id forgot about it *oops*!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting hun xx


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